[Oisf-devel] SnortSam? (and a big THANK YOU)

Eduardo Meyer dudu.meyer at gmail.com
Wed Sep 1 15:15:50 UTC 2010

On Wed, Sep 1, 2010 at 9:27 AM, Matt Jonkman <jonkman at jonkmans.com> wrote:
> Hi Eduardo. Snortsam is a big part of my production systems as well, I
> understand your predicament.
> Distributed blocking is a major part of the IP Reputation task we're
> about to start in phase two development (major kickoff in late september
> after this round of bugfixes).
> That'll include a snortsam-like mechanism to allow distributed blocking.
> So the oisf probably won't put the effort into a snortsam plugin port,
> but it's a very feasible thing to do if someone wanted to contribute
> that. The api and the method is relatively simple, I think someone could
> knock that out relatively easily. We'd definitely support it.
> Snortsam's value in the interim while we're doing ip rep is that it
> interfaces already with so many firewalls and other devices that can do
> the blocking.

Yes, I know you are a current user of SnortSam, and probably the only
one who decently documented it. Im glad Suricata will have something
natively. I will try to understand the output plugin hooks on Suricata
to find out if I can do any hackery in the meantine. If I have any
success I will post here.


> Matt
> On 8/31/10 11:23 PM, Eduardo Meyer wrote:
>> Is anyone planning on a port of the fw_sam output plugin?
>> It's the only missing piece of code for a complete migration from
>> Snort to Suricata.
>> With Suricata I could (finally) use my 8 cores and lower CPU usage
>> from 80% (my boss loves to run top(1) and hates to see such a critical
>> application close to its CPU limit).
>> Running on FreeBSD btw. So, kudos to veryone, this is a big THANK YOU
>> for such a great alternative to Snort; not only about fw_sam.
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