[Oisf-devel] Sensor ID in Unified2 Output

Victor Julien victor at inliniac.net
Fri Dec 7 09:16:13 UTC 2012

On 12/06/2012 05:35 PM, Gionet, Jake wrote:
> I’m basing this suggestion off of the link below, which seems to be the
> most authoritative source of documentation for the Unified2 format that
> I could find.
> http://manual.snort.org/node44.html
> Based on section 5.3.8 of the document above, the “Sensor ID” field in
> Unified2 alerts is completely unused.  It appears that Suricata
> hardcodes this value to zero from looking at alert-unified2-alert.c
> (line 361).
> Would it be possible to populate this value via the configuration file? 
> In environments where there are many sensors logging to a central
> logging device (i.e. enterprise deployment, SIEM logging, etc.) in
> Unified2 format, this would make it easier to distinguish what sensor an
> alert came from.
> In the event that this field is put into use sometime in the future, the
> change could be backed out, as I assume it would be a relatively simple
> change.

Sure, can you open a feature ticket for this?

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This disclaimer is rather excessive for a mailing list. Besides, it
doesn't make any sense to append it to a public message.

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