[Oisf-devel] [COMMIT] OISF annotated tag, suricata-1.4beta2, created. suricata-1.4beta2

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Thu Oct 4 14:26:19 UTC 2012

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The annotated tag, suricata-1.4beta2 has been created
        at  42779bceecd8125bf2baa8733095e2da28dba8e0 (tag)
   tagging  d774d6e226b125d631088e241863e5edb1e9c087 (commit)
  replaces  suricata-1.4beta1
 tagged by  Victor Julien
        on  Thu Oct 4 16:25:58 2012 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tag 1.4beta2 release
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)


Anoop Saldanha (15):
      Give priority to non stream content over stream content when selecting fast
      detect-pcre.c cleanup.  Delete old pcre functions that we no longer use.
      Unittest to display #bug 529.  pcre anchor not respected
      fix for #529
      fix http server/client body handling.  Update body status based on tx state.
      fix for bug #575.
      fix for bug #557.
      Introduce utility flow macros to help referencing/dereferencing flows.
      fix for bug #557.
      Update all flow referencing to use the new FlowReference and FlowDeReference
      refactor htpconfigure()
      Make available custom features of libhtp.
      fix for bug #577.
      fix for bug #574.
      Add a packet src for every packet generated inside suricata.

Eric Leblond (36):
      af-packet: fix looping in ring buffer.
      freebsd: fix function usage.
      autotools: fix default path for magic file.
      ipfw: add missing include
      ipfw: avoid critical error for broadcast
      freebsd: fix warning
      freebsd: fix warning about redeclaration.
      Fix invalid usage of operator.
      Fix warning about unused return of SC_ATOMIC func.
      SC_LOG_ERROR is not an error.
      defrag: don't use message for repetitive error
      pool: rename Free function to Cleanup
      Install documentation with 'make install'.
      defrag: don't return after a cleaning.
      Fix build if luajit is not available.
      pf_ring: set cluster_id even if only one thread is used.
      autotools: fix doc install on old systems.
      Fix logic operator.
      af-packet: fix IPS mode
      af-packet: little code cleaning
      Add missing include in flow-manager
      decode: clean release function
      af-packet: clean APFPacketVar before release.
      Add some missing checks of SCMalloc return.
      Add some missing checks of SCStrdup return.
      Use unlikely for error treatment.
      coccinelle: don't test UNITTEST code
      Add missing sctrdup test
      Fix indentation of win32 files.
      coccinelle: add test on malloc error check.
      tm-thread: detect thread death
      pf-ring: protect definition of (un)likely
      pf-ring: add missing header.
      pf-ring: suppress unused variable.
      nfq: close the queue when leaving acquisition.
      nfq: fix detection of type nfq_get_payload function.

Jason Ish (1):
      Do not trim the FCS, pcaps converted to ERF will have have an FCS.

Victor Julien (44):
      luajit: force scripts to have 'init' function that returns a table of 'needs' such as packet or payload.
      luajit: fix filtering payload or pkt when not available yet
      luajit: add http.uri and http.request_line buffers.
      luajit: clean up initialization
      luajit: support http.request_body (http_client_body) and http.response_body (file_data/http_server_body).
      luajit: add http.uri.raw, cookie, ua, headers, headers.raw buffers.
      Rule profiling update
      profiling: fix memory error in case of rule reload.
      profiling: make sure counters are reset after a reload.
      profiling: minor cleanup
      profiling: remove obsolete unit test
      profiling: fix build on older systems
      Defrag engine
      engine events: prefilter sigs that need a event
      app layer events: prefilter sigs that need an event
      stream: never resend reassembled data to app layer.
      http: fix multipart parsing bug
      luajit: buffer selection fixes
      luajit: fix crash if luaL_newstate fails
      luajit: fix crash at shutdown / rule reload if lua script didn't properly init.
      pool: only alloc one large block if it will actually be used.
      luajit: prealloc lua states to increases chances of alloc success. Luajit requires them to be in memory <2GB.
      reintroduce pool free func for cases where block alloc is not used.
      luajit: correct offset passed to script for lua's array idx starting at 1. Add http.response_headers and http.response_headers.raw buffers.
      Fix compilation if luajit is disabled.
      Fix defrag compilation warning.
      Minor output cleanup
      threshold: allow suppression for sigs with threshold set. Part of #425.
      yaml: add addr and port vars commonly used by ET/ETpro
      Minor parsing cleanups in detect-engine options.
      threshold: allow threshold.config to override rule
      threshold: improve comments of shipped threshold.config, add links to wiki.
      profiling: fix some profiling info missing from output
      Dead code cleanup. Coverity 728047, 728048, 728049.
      detect: properly store a stateful match if it happens at the start of inspection
      Fix flow keyword compilation failure.
      bug #572: make sure we use profiling fallback for all architectures except x86_64 and i386.
      http: fix multipart parsing leading to missing chunks of files in file extraction.
      htp: update version numbers of bundled htp
      fast_pattern: don't consider http_method, http_stat_code and http_stat_msg when automatically giving preference to a HTTP pattern over a stream pattern.
      packet src: move pkt_src field up in the structure to fix in an existing hole (found with pahole -C Packet_ src/.libs/suricata).
      remove reference to non-existing file from Makefile.am
      Clean up and update bundled docs
      Update changelog to reflect 1.4beta2 changes



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