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Thu Sep 6 15:35:26 UTC 2012

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The annotated tag, suricata-1.4beta1 has been created
        at  beac808f19edec11aca4ab26ed81ae26deddc694 (tag)
   tagging  fca70730a9ad025fa7adad0d7d05abe5e2ab74c2 (commit)
  replaces  suricata-1.3.1
 tagged by  Victor Julien
        on  Thu Sep 6 17:34:52 2012 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tag 1.4beta1 release
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)


Anoop Saldanha (4):
      rx TMs shouldn't return TM_ECODE_FAILED if engine is in shutdown mode + minor cleanup
      Suricata shutdown updates + minor cleanup
      Don't wait for packetpool to be back to full state before continuing with the shutdown process, on received shutdown signal
      detection engine port api unittests cleanup

Eric Leblond (68):
      tm-thread: run thread init function sequentially.
      tm-thread: exit loop if suri want to quit
      autotools: rename configure.in to configure.ac
      autotools: fix detection with clang
      autotools: error on autoreconf is an error
      yaml: suppress old variable in pfring section.
      nfq: implement "fail-open" support.
      Add support for IPv4-in-IPv6
      Teredo tunnel supports
      defrag: really use 'max-frags' variable.
      defrag: fix some integer type warning.
      defrag: link hash size with number of frags.
      defrag: Fix unittest logic.
      defrag: add some events relative to defragmentation
      defrag: Fix description of params
      defrag: prealloc more frags.
      Add teredo counter.
      decode: decode IPv6-in-IPv6
      tls: add NSS version for SHA1 computing function.
      tls: keep pointers to all certificates in chain
      tls: store all the certificates chain in the written PEM file.
      detect-tls: various indent fixes.
      tls: suppress always true condition.
      pcap: handle failure of packet treatment
      Delay Detect threads initialization
      Get rid of AppLayerHtpRegisterExtraCallbacks
      Convert to atomic and disable check on HTP config change.
      tm-thread: suppress rarely used variable.
      tls-log: add protocol version to log message.
      Add counters for IPv4 in IPv6 and IPv6 in IPv6
      af-packet: delete design comments
      af-packet: improve mmaped running mode.
      capture: add data release mechanism
      af-packet: IPS and TAP feature
      af-packet: add doxygen comments
      af-packet: fix runmode name in logging function
      af-packet: reorder socket operation.
      af-packet: add optional emergency mode
      af-packet: detect MTU mismatch and warn user
      sig: Add ipv6 and ipv4 to list of protocols
      sig: add l3_proto keyword
      l3proto: add unit tests
      pool: alloc a single area for all PoolBuckets
      pool: realize a block allocation for preallocated item.
      pool: update doxygen documentation.
      doxygen: generate doc for acquisition modules
      af-packet: fix build on systems without AF_PACKET
      erf: fix logical operator usage.
      Add threshold.config file.
      affinity: add log message
      affinity: tag management threads as such
      affinity: add call to setup function in threads
      affinity: drop capability after setting thread prio
      decode: use pointer inside packet area as param
      af-packet: ring mode is not optionnal in AFPReadFromRing
      af-packet: rework socket transition phase.
      af-packet: improve logged messages.
      af-packet: implement late open
      af-packet: fix emergency mode
      af-packet: fix kernel offset issue
      af-packet: handle possible exit of capture loop.
      defrag: avoid to run cleaning repetitively
      defrag: fix potential use after free.
      Fix coverity warnings 718636 and 718635
      defrag: be sure to output NULL tracker
      tls: avoid double close.
      tls: fix error handling
      pool: improve error handling

Ignacio Sanchez (1):
      Custom logging feature for log-httplog

Jean-Paul Roliers (6):
      tls: adding TLS Log support
      tls: adding cryptographic functions.
      tls: adding fingerprint calculation.
      tls: adding fingerprint to TLS Log information.
      tls: adding support for fingerprint rule matching.
      tls: adding store option for TLS

Victor Julien (19):
      Update version number to reflect we're working towards 1.4 now.
      pcap: fix compilation on old libpcap
      rule reloads: don't lock up main thread so clean shutdown is impossible
      Create separate detect API call (FileMatch) for file detection keywords. #531.
      file: implement filesize keyword. #489.
      stream/app layer: add Truncate app layer callback that is called if stream depth is reached. Use it to trunc open files in HTTP.
      stream/app layer: call new Truncate callback for data gap case as well.
      file: convert filesize to new FileMatch api.
      Make sure we never underflow len in DetectLoadSigFile
      luajit: tell build sys about it
      luajit: stub detection keyword
      Thread local ctx for detection keywords
      Implement logic of luajit keyword to match on full packet data and/or payload.
      Add --enable-luajit option to configure
      Add threshold.config example to EXTRA_DIST as well.
      Check response headers in custom http logging before using them. Coverity 717436.
      Fix 'no effect' check in timestamp print logic. Coverity 717437.
      Make sure defrag pool sizes are not initialized to 0, see #540.
      Update changelog for 1.4beta1

pi-rho (2):
      spelling corrections documented in redmine bug#533
      fix regression (clobbered register; redmine #534)



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