[Oisf-devel] Compiler warning about progress in libhtp/test/main.c

Ivan Ristic ivan.ristic at gmail.com
Tue May 21 08:02:22 UTC 2013

On Mon, May 20, 2013 at 5:02 PM, Kenneth Steele <ken at tilera.com> wrote:
> I see compiler warnings when running “make check” in the libhtp/test about
> comparing a pointer (tx->progress) to an integer (TX_PROGRESS_DONE).
> Progress is defined in htp.h as unsigned int process[2], so I would expect
> the compare to be tx->progress[0] != TX_PROGRESS_DONE, or
> tx->progress[1] != TX_PROGRESS_DONE, or maybe it should check both.
> Appears to be a simple bug, but the fix is not obvious.

Hi Ken,

Suricata is currently using an older version of LibHTP, but (as far as
I know) will be upgrading to the latest (0.5.x) in the next major
release. In LibHTP 0.5.x there is a new infrastructure for regression
testing, and main.c is no longer compiled. (The file is still in the
project because there might be a test or two left that need to be

If you wish you can take the new LibHTP for a spin:
https://github.com/ironbee/libhtp but, generally, there are currently
no compile warnings on my development platforms. (Note: you cannot
compile current Suricata with newer LibHTP.)

> -Ken
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Ivan Ristić

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