[Oisf-devel] [COMMIT] OISF annotated tag, suricata-2.1beta1, created. suricata-2.1beta1

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Tue Aug 12 14:00:41 UTC 2014

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The annotated tag, suricata-2.1beta1 has been created
        at  52b61683520100291f89e77de23f8637fe790000 (tag)
   tagging  7fa2b8769bb762cfed795531eba70946d05ca9ec (commit)
  replaces  suricata-2.0.2
 tagged by  Victor Julien
        on  Tue Aug 12 16:00:09 2014 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tag 2.1beta1 release
Version: GnuPG v1


Alexander Gozman (10):
      Fix compile-time error on old kernels and ethtool.h
      Fixed stream handling Fixed some coding style issues
      Add ability to encode payload in Base64
      Changed variable name when dumping single packet
      Changed attribute name for printable payload
      Fixed variables names in suricata.yaml.in Changed logging logic - now it's possible to enable different payload dumping modes separately Fixed bug in dumping packet without stream segments Fixed indents
      Fix handling filetype for eve log
      Fix possible crash when logfile descriptor is invalid
      Fixed memory leak
      Add input interface's name to JSON log

Duarte Silva (1):
      Use extra data structure in json alert output

Eric Leblond (6):
      Remove pcapinfo output
      coccinelle: fix problem with coccinelle 1.0rc21
      travis-ci: use make check
      unittests: don't register app layer test
      suricata: RunUnittests now return void
      prscript: update URL

Giuseppe Longo (2):
      json-http: refactoring output code
      json-alert: include HTTP info on the alerts

Ken Steele (18):
      Fix lowercase table initialization (bug 1221)
      Fix comment wording in Boyer Moore pattern matcher.
      Store Boyer Moore no case strings in lower case.
      Fix Boyer Moore Nocase bug where BoyerMooreCtxToNocase was missing.
      Replace ringbuffer in Packet Pool with a stack for better cache locality
      For PktPool add local pending freed packets list.
      Implement thread specific data option when __thread is not available.
      Use posix_memalign instead of mm_malloc on non-Windows systems.
      Add error checking for pthread_setspecific() and pthread_key_create().
      Update max-pending-packet comments to show it is now per-thread.
      Fix Packet Stacks for non-TLS Operating Systems
      Cleanup Packet Pools when done.
      Reduce reallocation in AC Tile MPM creation.
      Enforce function coding standard
      Add Packed attribute on Header structures
      More structures that need to be marked Packed.
      Fix GRE Source Routing Header definition

Matt Carothers (1):
      Add packet and payload logging to JSON alert output

Victor Julien (83):
      valgrind/magic: add suppression for known issue
      Fix __thread configure check on Clang
      Add initial travis-ci integration.
      ethtool: add missing include necessary for CentOS5
      htp: init memuse atomics
      Profiling: fix compilation on CentOS5
      Open 2.1 development in the master branch.
      autotools: enable silent mode
      Update version number to 2.1dev
      profiling: add pcap logger profiling
      log-pcap code cleanups
      Update log-pcap.h, add license
      log-pcap: improve profiling
      log-pcap: lock profiling
      log-pcap: multi mode yaml parsing
      pcap-log: introduce PcapLogThreadData
      pcap-log: implement multi mode
      pcap-log: performance optimizations
      pcap-log: support dynamic file names in multi
      pcap log: document multi option
      AC: reduce realloc for new states
      AC: shrink output table after initialization
      Fix pcap packet acquisition methods
      Fix packet pool pending stack adds
      Remove unused variables
      Fix engine getting stuck because of optimizations
      Fix eve 'filetype' parsing
      flow: new flow queue: flow_recycle_q
      flow: introduce FlowRecycler stub
      flow: move flow cleanup to new 'recycler'
      flow recycler: shutdown
      flow recycler: unix socket support
      flow: output api stub
      flow log: call logger from recycler
      flow: flow log threading setup
      flow-json-log: stub
      flow-log: log pkts, bytes
      tcp: track TCP packet flags per session
      flow-log: log TCP flags seen
      flow log: log start/end times
      flow: track bytes per direction
      flow: track lastts in struct timeval
      flow unittest: update flow manager unit test
      flow: clean up recycle queue at shutdown
      flow: don't BUG_ON if no loggers are enabled
      flow: take flow pkt & byte count out of debug
      flow: prepare flow forced reuse logging
      decode: pass ThreadVars to DecodeThreadVarsFree
      flow: init logger thread data for decoders
      stream: track TCP flags per stream direction
      flow-log: log TCP flags per direction
      netflow-json: initial version
      json: add tcp flags to json utility function
      netflow: log individual tcp flags
      flow: log individual tcp flags
      flow-recycler: speed up flow-recycler shutdown
      flow log: log TCP state
      flow: move FlowGetFlowState
      flow: add flow_end_flags field, add logging
      flow id: quick and dirty first stab at a flow id
      threads: add management API
      flow-manager: support multiple instances
      flow-recycler: support multiple instances
      pcap-log: unify lock handling, fixes Coverity warn
      pcap-log: yaml comment update
      eve: add tx_id to output for alerts and events
      Fix up mistaken style change
      magic: disable tests depending on magic version
      packet pool: cosmetic cleanups
      packet pool: init pthread key before using it
      ipv6 defrag: fix unfragmentable exthdr handling
      ipv6: set flag on type 0 routing header
      ipv6: make exthdr parsing more robust
      ipv6: detect frag header reserved field non-zero
      ipv6: more robust ipv6 exthdr handling
      ipv6: set event on unsupported nh
      defrag: use 'struct timeval' for timeout tracking
      ipv6: fix dst/hop header option parsing
      stream: detect and filter out bad window updates
      alert-json: clean up flags
      lua: improve configure checks
      Update Changelog for 2.0.3
      Update Changelog for 2.1beta1

sxhlinux (2):
      Update log-file.c
      Update app-layer-htp.c



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