[Oisf-devel] Query about Suricata behaviour difference on x86 and XLP

Mahendra Ladhe lml108 at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 18 11:03:48 UTC 2014

Output of 'suricata --build-info' is copied below.
This is Suricata version 2.0.2 RELEASE
SIMD support: none
Atomic intrisics: 1 2 4 8 byte(s)
64-bits, Big-endian architecture
GCC version 4.6.3, C version 199901
L1 cache line size (CLS)=64
compiled with LibHTP v0.5.12, linked against LibHTP v0.5.12
Suricata Configuration:
  AF_PACKET support:                       yes
  PF_RING support:                         no
  NFQueue support:                         no
  NFLOG support:                           no
  IPFW support:                            no
  DAG enabled:                             no
  Napatech enabled:                        no
  Unix socket enabled:                     no
  Detection enabled:                       yes

  libnss support:                          no
  libnspr support:                         no
  libjansson support:                      no
  Prelude support:                         no
  PCRE jit:                                yes
  LUA support:                             no
  libluajit:                               no
  libgeoip:                                no
  Non-bundled htp:                         no
  Old barnyard2 support:                   no
  CUDA enabled:                            no

  Suricatasc install:                      yes

  Unit tests enabled:                      no
  Debug output enabled:                    no
  Debug validation enabled:                no
  Profiling enabled:                       no
  Profiling locks enabled:                 no
  Coccinelle / spatch:                     no

Generic build parameters:
 Installation prefix (--prefix):          /projects/magnum/mladhe/suricata/install/suricata-2.0.2
  Configuration directory (--sysconfdir): /projects/magnum/mladhe/suricata/install/suricata-2.0.2/etc/suricata/
  Log directory (--localstatedir) :       /projects/magnum/mladhe/suricata/install/suricata-2.0.2/var/log/suricata/

  Host:                                    mips64-nlm-linux-gnu
  GCC binary:                              mips64-nlm-linux-gcc -EB
  GCC Protect enabled:                     no
  GCC march native enabled:                no
  GCC Profile enabled:                     no

 From: Victor Julien <victor at inliniac.net>
To: oisf-devel at lists.openinfosecfoundation.org 
Sent: Thursday, 17 July 2014 2:48 PM
Subject: Re: [Oisf-devel] Query about Suricata behaviour difference on x86 and XLP

On 07/17/2014 11:00 AM, Mahendra Ladhe wrote:

>   I compiled Suricata 2.0.2 on an x86 machine running 64-bit Ubuntu
> 12.04.4 LTS
> (The processor is Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     E7400  @ 2.80GHz)
> Then I ran it on a 230 MB pcap file with following command line
> $ sudo /usr/bin/suricata -c /etc/suricata//suricata.yaml -r
> ./purplehaze.pcap
> After a few seconds, it neatly exits after printing some log on the screen.
> Next I cross compiled Suricata same version and ran it on XLP processor
> (multi-core multi-threaded MIPS processor: 4 CPU threads per core * 16
> cores = 64 CPU threads)
> using the same command line
> $ suricata -r purplehaze.pcap -c /etc/suricata/suricata.yaml
> It prints the following lines and gets stuck after that.
> 2/6/1970 -- 10:42:14 - <Notice> - This is Suricata version 2.0.2 RELEASE
> 2/6/1970 -- 10:42:42 - <Warning> - [ERRCODE: SC_ERR_NOT_SUPPORTED(225)]
> - Eve-log support not compiled in. Reconfigure/recompile with libjansson.
> 2/6/1970 -- 10:42:43 - <Notice> - all 97 packet processing threads, 3
> management threads initialized, engine started.
> It simply doesn't quit.
> Am I missing something here ?
> Why are the behaviours different on x86 and XLP with everything else
> remaining the same ?

Can you attach to the process with gdb and do:

set logging on
thread apply all bt

Then send us the output file (gdb.txt)?

Also, can you attach the output of 'suricata --build-info'?
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