[Oisf-devel] Errors when cross compiling Suricata 2.0.1

Mahendra Ladhe lml108 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 11 05:26:22 UTC 2014

   I found the cause of the compilation errors.
In addition to
export ac_cv_func_malloc_0_nonnull=yes

I needed to do
export ac_cv_func_realloc_0_nonnull=yes
as well.

Now Suricata cross compiled fine for mips.

Thank you developers.


 From: Mahendra Ladhe <lml108 at yahoo.com>
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Sent: Wednesday, 11 June 2014 10:06 AM
Subject: Errors when cross compiling Suricata 2.0.1

   I'm trying to cross compile Suricata using a mips toolchain.
Compared to Suricata version that existed 4 months ago, the latest version 2.0.1
is much more amenable to cross compilation.

My configure command line is
./configure --host=mips64-nlm-linux --with-libpcre-includes=<path> --with-libpcre-libraries=path> --with-libyaml-includes=<path> --with-libyaml-libraries=<path> --with-libpcap-includes=<path> --with-libpcap-libraries=<path> --with-libnet-includes=<path> --with-libnet-libraries=<path> --with-libcap_ng-includes=<path> --with-libcap_ng-libraries=<path>
 --with-libmagic-includes=<path> --with-libmagic-libraries=<path> --prefix=<path>

I am exporting the following.

export ac_cv_func_malloc_0_nonnull=yes

The configure script runs fine to completion. But when doing 'make' I'm getting the following errors.

app-layer-dcerpc.o: In function `StubDataParser':
app-layer-dcerpc.c:(.text+0x4948): undefined reference to `rpl_realloc'
app-layer-dcerpc-udp.o: In function `FragmentDataParser':
app-layer-dcerpc-udp.c:(.text+0x12c): undefined reference to `rpl_realloc'
app-layer-events.o: In function `AppLayerDecoderEventsSetEventRaw':
app-layer-events.c:(.text+0x628): undefined reference to `rpl_realloc'
app-layer-ftp.o: In function `FTPGetLineForDirection':
app-layer-ftp.c:(.text+0x598): undefined reference to `rpl_realloc'
app-layer-ftp.c:(.text+0x9f0): undefined reference to `rpl_realloc'
app-layer-ftp.o:app-layer-ftp.c:(.text+0x11ac): more undefined references to `rpl_realloc' follow
../libhtp/htp/.libs/libhtp.so: undefined reference to `inflateEnd'
../libhtp/htp/.libs/libhtp.so: undefined reference to `inflateInit2_'
../libhtp/htp/.libs/libhtp.so: undefined reference to `inflate'
../libhtp/htp/.libs/libhtp.so: undefined reference to `crc32'

Could someone please point out what I'm missing to help fix these errors ?

Thank you
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