[Oisf-devel] Suricata compile fail with current git and PF_RING svn

Peter Manev petermanev at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 21:41:56 UTC 2014

On Wed, Feb 26, 2014 at 2:14 PM, Victor Julien <victor at inliniac.net> wrote:
> On 02/25/2014 11:20 AM, Peter Manev wrote:
>> On Tue, Feb 25, 2014 at 10:02 AM, Victor Julien <victor at inliniac.net> wrote:
>>> On 02/24/2014 01:57 PM, Peter Manev wrote:
>>>>>> In the meantime, maybe this guide could be updated to include LIBS=" -lrt -lnuma":
>>>>>> https://redmine.openinfosecfoundation.org/projects/suricata/wiki/Installation_with_PF_RING
>>>> This is an old pf_ring guide. On the same page with instalaltion
>>>> instructions.. there is an updated (and much easier to follow) guide:
>>>> https://redmine.openinfosecfoundation.org/projects/suricata/wiki/Installation_from_GIT_with_PF_RING_on_Ubuntu_server_1204
>>> I think we should update (or remove) the old page, it's listed above
>>> git/ubuntu one, so it makes sense ppl will try it.
>> I agree.
>> I think we should just remove it. Is that ok?
> Actually, I think it makes sense to have a page for non-GIT PF_RING
> installation, that uses Suricata 2.0 (rc1 now) with the latest stable
> PF_RING. So I would prefer updating the page.

done and tested:

Please let me know if any troubles.

Peter Manev

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