[Oisf-devel] [COMMIT] OISF annotated tag, suricata-2.0rc2, created. suricata-2.0rc2

OISF Git noreply at openinfosecfoundation.org
Thu Mar 6 12:54:40 UTC 2014

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
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the project "OISF".

The annotated tag, suricata-2.0rc2 has been created
        at  4bb9ed7cfd8252d51071bb37ee7908dd2d4f14a6 (tag)
   tagging  845cbcce90a1d5c2f92c7e9034b8166666298793 (commit)
  replaces  suricata-2.0rc1
 tagged by  Victor Julien
        on  Thu Mar 6 13:54:06 2014 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tag 2.0rc2 release
Version: GnuPG v1.4.14 (GNU/Linux)


Eric Leblond (16):
      af-packet: fix livedev packets counter
      capture: use 64 bits counters
      util-device: fix debug message
      util-device: add function to avoid stat display
      nfq: update running modes to hide device stats
      nfq: update message displayed at exit
      ipfw: update running modes to hide device stats
      ipfw: improve exit message
      ipfw: fix operator error in test
      Exit if BPF filter file is specified in IPS mode
      runmode: remove unused variable.
      classification: add category to some stream rules
      http: add info message about memcap
      ipfw: fix build
      pfring: get vlan id from header
      output-json: update timestamp format

Ken Steele (6):
      Only update mPipe stats occasionally around the packet loop.
      Cleanup in ac-tile MPM
      When assigning Pattern IDs pids, check Case flags
      Remove case_state usage
      Store case-insensitive patterns as lowercase.
      Move memcpy_lower() into new util-memcpy.h

Victor Julien (59):
      yaml: add and comment missing dns settings
      dns: fix message of decoder rule 2240008
      app-layer-event: make error reporting more clear
      dns yaml: fix detect ports of tcp relying on udp
      app-layer: tell pp registrar if config was found
      dns: if no (valid) config is found, use defaults
      Make sure tls-events is part of the dist
      pcap/afpacket: update counters at exit
      configure: fix typo in libjansson warning message
      htp: don't assume HTPCallbackRequestLine is the first callback
      smtp: don't read uninitialized value
      tls: fix uninitialized var use
      ftp: fix memory leak
      output-json: fix minor memory leak on error
      rule reload: fix unitialized memory access on error
      htp: fix pointer check logic
      Minor cleanups
      byte_extract/test/jump: fix coverity issues
      fast-pattern: fix error check in keyword setup
      isdataat: fix coverity issue
      icmpv6: Fix Coverity warnings on ND_* types
      commandline parsing: check optarg ptr before using it
      stream-tcp: fix error handling in segment pool
      stream-tcp: proper error if segment pool init fails
      lock profiling: fix memory leak
      profiling: fix memory leak
      lua: fix minor memory leak
      Fix memory leak in proto - name mapping
      pool: on Init() error, properly clean up
      unittest: fix mutex unlock w/o a lock
      ssh: reenable parser as stub
      ssh: record parser
      ssh: server support, cleanups
      ssh: handle fragmented banner
      ssh: reenable ssh.softwareversion keyword
      ssh: reenable ssh.protoversion keyword
      ssh: clean up flags
      ssh: allow for space characters in the software version
      ssh: disable inspection in encrypted phase
      ssh: improve large and fragmented banner handling
      ssh: add json logger
      ssh: fixes for minor scan-build warnings
      ssh: improve banner checking
      ssh: fix scan-build warnings
      make install-full: get correct version of ET
      Disable emerging-icmp in default config
      configure: simplify OpenBSD handling
      Coverity fix
      Fix null dereference in eve-log
      json output: fix vlan byte order in output
      Fix BytesToString indexing array using wrong index
      Fix False Positive of rules with ports on portless protocols
      OpenBSD: set correct magic path
      Bug 611: fix for iponly
      eve-log: output cleanup
      eve-log: enable in default config
      yaml: increase default memcaps
      yaml: comment out example config
      Update ChangeLog for 2.0rc2 release



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