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Thu Nov 6 10:11:13 UTC 2014

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The annotated tag, suricata-2.1beta2 has been created
        at  88f2e24d563a42dcf347451fdff0847607eb9469 (tag)
   tagging  0b28943487424f4831072a7161b33ebb5fc22211 (commit)
  replaces  suricata-2.1beta1
 tagged by  Victor Julien
        on  Thu Nov 6 11:10:38 2014 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tag 2.1beta2 release
Version: GnuPG v1


Anoop Saldanha (1):
      CUDA: Update the inspection engine to inform the cuda module that it

Christophe M (1):
      Fix to output a JSON buffer to an Unix domain socket.

David Abarbanel (1):
      SMTP MIME Email Message decoder

Duarte Silva (1):
      Simple code fixes

Eric Leblond (10):
      packet pool: fix ext_pkt cleaning
      suricatasc: factorize command parsing
      suricatasc: add -c flag to run command
      source-nfq: fix display of next queue
      af-packet: force suricata in IPS mode when needed
      app-layer-ssh: fix banner parser
      detect-dce-opnum: add sanity check
      lua: move function to common utils
      lua: add export of dns.rrname
      smtp layer: fix unittests

Giuseppe Longo (7):
      pfring: checks if the lib version is >= 6
      pfring: removes old API and #ifdef chunks
      iprep: extends cidr support
      detect-iprep: extends cidr
      iprep: add unit tests for cidr
      PF_RING: force cluster type if vlan is disabled
      Fixes comments for pfring section in suricata.yaml

Jason Ish (12):
      Don't require an action-order configuration section. If not present,
      Comment out in the action-order section, as its not needed if
      Bug 1230: Simple test case demonstrating failure.
      Bug 1230: Check all SigMatch lists for a named byte_extract variable.
      Basic MPLS decoder.
      Add MPLS counter.
      Handle explicitly IPv6 and IPv6 labels as well as encapsulated ethernet.
      Handle encapsulated ethernet without a PW by defaulting to ethernet
      Set decoder events for labels that shouldn't be seen on the wire.
      Don't default to ethernet, ethernet should be preceded by a pseudowire.
      Use ENGINE_SET_INVALID_EVENT when the packet is too small for an
      Fix MPLS decoder rules.

Ken Steele (6):
      Fix compiler warning about uninitialized variable in mpipe.
      Speed up SigMatchGetLastSMFromLists()
      Fix typo in configure message about nfnetlink
      Check replist is not NULL inline before doing any processing.
      Make AppLayerProfiling functions inline
      Make suricata_ctl_flags be volatile

Mats Klepsland (3):
      runmode-pfring: Suppress errors when using DNA/ZC
      runmode-pfring: Fixed typo s/fron/from/
      configure.ac: Moved libpcap before libpfring

Tom DeCanio (13):
      sanity check tcp SACK edges prior to recording. Attempt to avoid Cisco ASA
      smtp-mime: add server reply codes returned from outlook server
      eve-log: SMTP JSON logger
      app-layer-smtp: fix Test14.
      mime-decode: don't scan attachment's data for URLs.
      eve-log: catch and log URLs in basic text emails without mime encapsulation.
      smtp: turn on smtp mime decoding and enable smtp eve logging.
      PR review comment.  Use protocol to discern log type.
      app-layer-smtp: move old smtp-mime section in suricata.yaml into
      mime-decode: remove "comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions"
      mime-decode: fix minor memory leak if Mime parser initialization were to fail.
      mime-decode: clean up after MimeDecParseFullMsgTest01.
      smtp-mime: preinitialize base64 decoder space

Victor Julien (124):
      Fix decode tests calling PACKET_DO_RECYCLE instead of PACKET_RECYCLE
      packet recycle: split macro
      packet recycle: do most clean up on packet reuse
      packet recycle: remove mutex destroy/init
      Optimize Packet Ext data freeing
      output-streaming: a Log API for streaming data
      output-streaming: StreamIterator
      streaming logger: support Http Body logging
      tcp-data: new streaming logger
      tcp-data-log: file and dir logging modes
      streaming-loggers: add configuration
      streaming: pass tx_id to logger
      output: add submodules list to OutputCtx
      output-lua: display warning if no lua support
      output-lua: support submodules
      output: Lua HTTP log initial implementation
      output-lua: new file for common functions
      output-lua: packet logger support
      output-lua: add example packet log script
      output-lua: move LuaPrintStack to common
      output-lua: initial packet support
      output-lua: add stack utility functions
      output-lua: rename LuaPacketLogger to ..Alerts
      output-lua: support File logging
      output-lua: register common callbacks
      output-lua: improve error handling and documentation
      output-lua: TxLogger use proper stack function
      output-lua: add SCLogPath callback
      output-lua: make packet ptr available to all scripts
      output-log: expose SCLog functions to lua scripts
      output-lua: improve error checking for init()
      output-lua: add all packets logging support
      lua: introduce util-lua.[ch]
      lua: add flow store and retrieval wrappers
      detect-lua: convert extensions to use flow wrappers
      lua: add SCFlowTuple lua function
      output-lua: rule info callback
      output-lua: add SCPacketTimeString
      output-lua: add file callbacks
      output-lua: expose flow start time string
      output-lua: expose thread info
      output-lua: alproto string callback
      output-lua: clean up flow lock handling
      output-lua: http alproto check
      output-lua: add HttpGetRequestHost callback
      output-lua: expose http body data
      output-lua: give access to packet payload
      output-lua: add support for streaming api
      lua-output: add SCStreamingBuffer
      output lua: expose flow logging api
      output-lua: add SCFlowStats
      lua: rename LuaReturnStringBuffer to LuaPushStringBuffer
      lua: move LuaPushStringBuffer to the generic util-lua.c
      lua: LuaPushStringBuffer optimization
      lua: use LuaPushStringBuffer in more places
      Rename Lua code to just Lua
      lua: move output http funcs to generic util file
      lua: remove LogLua prefix and replace it with Lua
      lua: move lua output code to generic lua file
      detect: track current tx_id in det_ctx
      detect-lua: set tx ptr
      detect-lua: register all 'output' keywords as well
      lua: export packet keywords to detect scripts
      tls: fix a tls.fingerprint issue in debug mode
      lua: fix http.request_line inspection
      detect: fix continue detection with amatch and tx
      rule parser: fix crashing on malformed options
      rule parser: set flag for optionless keywords
      af-packet: check pointers before use
      ipv6: RH extension header parsing issue
      ipv6: convert ext header pointers to const
      ssh: convert error message to debug statement
      yaml: add eve flow and netflow entries
      output-lua: add script-dir config param
      output-lua: add config to yaml
      output-lua: set proper callbacks for HTTP
      flow: fix flow logging at shutdown
      flow json log: add 'shutdown' as flow end reason
      filestore: fix parsing bug
      lua detect: expose stream payload
      detect state: always lock de_state_m
      tcp session reuse: reset detect state
      Suppress ARM valgrind warning
      pcap-log: add option to honor pass rules
      stream: clean up pseudo packet counting
      stream: add counter for failed pseudo setups
      ssh.softwareversion: allow more characters
      stream: fix ssh/ssl logging on tcp session reuse
      stream: improve handling of 3whs packet loss
      stream: fix 'bad window update' false positive
      stream: improve bad window update detection
      iprep: cleanup ctx on shutdown
      stream: improve tracking with pkt loss in async
      stream/async: fix session setup issues
      stream/async: improve handling of syn/ack pickup
      mime: refactor buffer use
      Fix compiler warning
      output smtp: clean up memory at shutdown
      mime decode: remove unused url counter
      mime decode: fix memory leak
      decode mime: fix scan-build issues
      mime decode: improve MimeDecParseLineTest01 and MimeDecParseLineTest02 tests
      decode mime: clean up includes
      output smtp: fix call
      mime decode: reshuffle data structures to reduce structure sizes
      mime: style updates
      mime: rename mime-decode.[ch] to util-decode-mime.[ch]
      decode mime: refactor & cleanup
      mime: redo PrintChars using PrintRawDataFp
      smtp: make TX aware
      smtp: add file inspection engine
      smtp: convert logger to tx logger
      smtp: register file truncate callback
      output-filedata: close files even w/o data
      smtp: expand tx use
      smtp: improve ProcessDataChunk error checking
      smtp: fix SMTPParserTest14 on 32bit
      mime: improve error checking
      mime: fix compiler warning
      mime: fix output issues
      filestore: fix crash if keyword setup fails
      smtp: don't create a new tx for rset/quit
      Fix Coverity issue in SMTP output
      Update Changelog for 2.1beta2 release

bmeeks8 (1):
      Bug fix: IPv6 addresses in negated range and IPv6 string into radix tree.



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