[Oisf-devel] [COMMIT] OISF annotated tag, suricata-2.1beta3, created. suricata-2.1beta3

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Thu Jan 29 16:09:31 UTC 2015

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The annotated tag, suricata-2.1beta3 has been created
        at  5d6cd8a3a1db4b6ef7ec4683514f71160648bc93 (tag)
   tagging  a5641bc7c225d447d21a65927b4077f095d7dca2 (commit)
  replaces  suricata-2.1beta2
 tagged by  Victor Julien
        on  Thu Jan 29 17:09:03 2015 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tag 2.1beta3 release
Version: GnuPG v1


DIALLO David (7):
      App-layer: Add Modbus protocol parser
      Detect: Add Modbus keyword management
      Detect-engine: Add Modbus detection engine
      fix CID 1257762:  Logically dead code(DEADCODE)
      Update AppLayerProtoDetectPrintProbingParsers with Modbus protocol
      Add a warning in Modbus section of YAML file to remind user to modify stream depth (unlimited)
      fix Cygwin build fails: array subscript has type char

Duarte Silva (4):
      Adding XFF support to EVE alert output
      Prepared everything for the proxy deployment configuration
      Implemented the diferent behaviour depending on the proxy deployment
      Fix and improvements

Eric Leblond (8):
      util-ioctl: Add function to get number of RSS queues on iface
      util-ioctl: add message in case of failure
      af-packet: no more threads than RSS queues
      unix-manager: fix cppcheck errors
      suricatasc: now python 2 and 3 compatible
      suricatasc: exit with error if command returns NOK
      output-json: fix duplicate logging
      app-layer: fix 'detection-only' keyword

Giuseppe Longo (1):
      pfring: fixes memleaks

Jason Ish (1):
      Respect DESTDIR in install-conf and install-rules.

Ken Steele (39):
      Correct size increase in SigGroupHeadStore()
      Coding style cleanup in detect-modbus files.
      Remove an unused define COUNTER_DETECT_ALERTS
      Don't write target.tvar.idx in DetectFlowintParse
      Fix bug in DetectFlowintParse() - Assigning to both parts of a Union
      DetectFlowintData - remove unused idx in TargetVar.
      Update copyright year in detect-flowbits files.
      Correct flow memory usage bookkeeping error
      Make bad copy-mode be an error in runmode-tile.
      Clean up memory leaks in ac-tile code
      Fix memory leak in ac-tile
      Fix indentation
      Remove the b2gm and b2gc MPMs
      Create a wrapper around DetectFlowvarProcessList() to check for empty list
      Fix AC-tile for new pattern ID array.
      Implement MPM opt for b2g, b3g, wumanber
      Implement MPM opt for ac-bs and ac-gfbs
      Optimize DetectPrefilterMergeSort
      Fix clang warning
      Dynamically resize pmq->rule_id_array
      Dynamically resize pattern id array as needed
      Fix bug in MPM rule array handling
      fix check in PmqMerge
      Fix missing use of MpmAddPid()
      In AC-Tile, convert from using pids for indexing to pattern index
      Move type first in SigMatch array since it is used more often.
      Prefetch the next signature pointer
      Fix compiler warnings in ac-tile.
      Replace memcpy() in MpmAddSids with copy loop
      Create Specialized SCMemcmpNZ() when the length can't be zero.
      Change Match() function to take const SigMatchCtx*
      Create optimized sig_arrays from sig_lists
      Increase max pattern ID allowed in MPM AC-tile to 28-bits
      Use SigIntId as the type for storing signature IDs (Internal)
      Custom Quick Sort for Signature IDs
      Further optimize merging mpm and non-mpm rule ID lists.
      Indentation clean up
      Remove sgh->mask_array
      Conditionalize SigMatch performance counters.

Travis Green (1):
      Update reference.config

Victor Julien (84):
      lua:  in streaming api, indicate open/close
      pcre: fix var capture for non relative matches
      Introduce stats log API, convert existing output
      stats: introduce global config
      stats: initialize after outputs
      stats: disable stats if no loggers are enabled
      output streaming: cleanup at runmode destruction
      stats: expose stats to Lua output
      MemBuffer: add expansion call
      log-stats: expand membuffer if necessary
      Runmodes: remove 'auto' runmodes
      threading: remove '1slot' functions
      Runmode: handle value 'auto'
      af-packet: threads: auto, default to workers
      defrag: don't crash when out of memory
      http: don't crash when normalizing uri on low memory
      ioctl: make all string args const pointers
      afpacket: only check offloading once per iface
      Bug 977: -T / --init-errors-fatal to process all rules
      ipv6: check for MLD messages with HL not 1
      stream: don't send EOF to AppLayer too soon
      Bug 1329: error out on invalid rule protocol
      unix-socket: fix restart/shutdown cycle
      unix-socket: allow socked in custom locations
      Thread Registration API for ID's
      Give easy access for thread stream packet queue
      Define FlowThreadId and add it to the flow
      Introduce Flow timeout injection api
      Thread registration: id's start at 1
      Assign thread_id to flow on first packet stream engine
      flow-timeout: use live threads
      flow-time: use live threads at shutdown
      flow-time: disable remainder of the old timeout code
      stream: handle flow timeout stream end packets
      flow timeout: cleanup
      flow timeout: cleanups
      threading: lock TmThreadKillThreadsFamily
      flow-timeout: use packet pool
      flow manager: destroy packet pool on close
      stats: stats threads don't need packet pools
      packet-pool: free pending packets
      host: register unittests
      stream: move utility functions
      stream: improve inline mode GAP handling
      packet pool: fix wrong free call
      configure: add switch to disable __thread use
      packet pool: memory fixes for non-TLS
      packet pool: make pending pool use more robust
      thread local storage: add to build-info
      smtp: fix tx handling
      unix socket: support profiling
      Fix compilation on OS X Yosemite
      Fix Tilera compilation
      Fix OS X 10.10 unittest failure
      memcmp: compare the first byte as well
      Add test for memcmp issue.
      detect: add test for memcmp issue
      Fix a fix: defrag OOM condition
      Global define of MIN
      MPM: build sid list from MPM matches
      Detect: create per sgh non-MPM rule array
      detect: Add negated MPM to non-MPM array
      Replace build match array with new filter logic
      detect: move checks from prefilter to rule detect
      AC: use local bit array
      Clean up sm_array memory at SigFree
      detect: Disable unused SignatureHeader code
      Detect perf counters
      detect: add mask check prefilter for non mpm list
      detect: optimize non-mpm mask checking
      detect: add profiling for non-mpm list build & filter
      detect: introduce DetectPrefilterBuildNonMpmList
      detect: expand mask checking
      geoip: adapt to 'const' pointer passing
      AC: fix memory leak
      Fix live reload detect thread ctx setup
      detect: properly size det_ctx::non_mpm_id_array
      Suppress debug statements
      Cosmetic fixes to main()
      conf api: use const pointers where possible
      Fix live reload detect counter setup
      Clean up Conf API memory on shutdown.
      detect: fix small memory leaks
      Update changelog for 2.1beta3



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