[Oisf-devel] Bachelor thesis

Levi Alexander Tobiassen levi.tobiassen at hig.no
Mon Jan 18 09:49:33 UTC 2016

Hello dev’s of Suricata!

We are a group of four students residing in Gjovik, Norway studying bachelors of information security and software engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. This semester(spring of 2016) we are conducting our bachelor thesis project. For this bachelor thesis we have planned to perform a security code audit of selected parts of Suricata. We also intend to extend the functionality of the lua scripting functionality to support SMTP.

In relation to this project we have some questions regarding the development and practice of contribution to Suricata. 

When signing the contribution agreement, should each member of our bachelor thesis group signs individually. or should the group as a whole signs the agreement with all members included?

If we have more technical or organisational questions is there a preferred channel other then this mailing list or a contact person that we may be directed towards?

//Cacec BA @NTNU
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