[Oisf-devel] [COMMIT] OISF annotated tag, suricata-3.0.1RC1, created. suricata-3.0.1RC1

OISF Git noreply at openinfosecfoundation.org
Wed Mar 23 11:50:52 UTC 2016

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
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the project "OISF".

The annotated tag, suricata-3.0.1RC1 has been created
        at  cc18e2f5f77f3328f6c74d7c870fbdca91a0d704 (tag)
   tagging  0ac27e28abc735faded0ac71c0c48f9407cc3a5d (commit)
  replaces  suricata-3.0
 tagged by  Victor Julien
        on  Wed Mar 23 12:50:13 2016 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tag 3.0.1RC1 release
Version: GnuPG v1


Alessandro Guido (1):
      Segfault fix

Alexander Gozman (3):
      unix manager: log client's version with debug level
      In configuration test mode, check signatures if 'delayed-detect' is enabled
      BUG #1689: fix stack overflow when parsing variables

Andreas Herz (13):
      coccinelle: fix typo for strchrnul
      configure: add --disable-python option
      remove unnecessary braces
      file-magic: improve libmagic handling on *nix systems
      json: fix missing includes in disable unix socket case
      Fix the comment and explanation for random-chunk-size
      detect-tls-version: fix small resource leak
      configure: warn if libpcre 8.35 is used
      build-info: workaround special _FORTIFY_SOURCE defines
      nfqueue: fix wrong return value check in error cases
      rule-parsing: quick fix for rules with wrong double quotes
      rule-parsing: remove unnecessary code
      configure: bypass libpcre 8.35 check

DIALLO David (1):
      modbus: fix compiler uninitialized warnings with -Wmaybe-uninitialized

Eric Leblond (33):
      unix-manager: fix ressource leak when init fail
      xff: fix address overwrite in forward case
      build: install app-layer-events.rules
      app-layer-smtp: fix mem leak and add new alert
      app-layer-smtp: fix memory leak
      decode: update icmpv6 message handling
      log-filestore: suppress unused code
      output-file: fix memleak
      output-packet: fix memleak
      output-filedata: fix memleak
      output-tx: fix memleak
      unix-manager: fix memleak
      runmodes: fix memleak
      util: get rid of json_array_append
      util-host-info: fix memleaks
      unix-manager: fix memleak at exit
      tm-queue: unify queue name handling
      tm-threads: fix memleak
      tmqh-flow: fix memleak in TmqhFlowCtx cleaning
      output-stats: fix memleak
      defrag: free defrag tree at exit
      tm-threads: unify thread names handling
      detect-tls: fix memleaks
      detect-ssl-version: simplify code and fix memlea
      detect-ssl-state: fix memleak
      util-radix-tree: fix memleak
      af-packet: disable most code when not built in
      af-packet: handle raw link
      af-packet: don't check GRO LRO on non ethernet
      output-json-email: fix error code
      output-json-email: fix memleak in error path
      output-json-email: fix memleak
      output-json-email: fix memleak

Giuseppe Longo (1):
      http: close file when http body limit is reached

Jason Ish (8):
      conf: null guard in ConfNodeLookupChild
      asn1: fix memory leak
      json: use top-level sensor-name if provided.
      dcerpc: fix memory leak when called from smb
      dcerpc: cleanup list handling
      alert-debuglog: trigger rotation on non-decoder events as well
      detect: denote the max detection list; fix issue 1674.
      flow: record the flow hash for use as the output flow id

JonZeolla (1):
      Fix typos in an error message

Mats Klepsland (4):
      lua: expose TLS certificate chain to lua
      app-layer-ssl: fix memleak
      rules: add rules for TLS SNI app layer events
      app-layer-ssl: fix out of bounds memory read

Maurizio Abba (2):
      filestore-call: forcing a call to FileStore instead of manually updating
      decode-events: counters for decode events errors

Maxtors (1):
      Added checking of negated "totals" and "threads" config values for stats.

Nicolas Thill (1):
      lua: set thread vars in DetectLuaMatch

Tom DeCanio (5):
      file-store: add force-filestore configuration option to enable writing all
      output-json-dns: add logging of NS answer record content.
      Add JSON support for X-Authenticated-User.  Supported as a custom field.
      output-json-http: Add JSON support for X-Flash-Version.
      output-json-alert: fix segfault when alerts separated out from eve-log.

Travis Green (1):
      yaml: disable rules by default

Victor Julien (97):
      Fix two more potential issues like bug 1550
      drmemory: suppress magic leak
      eve: fix stream payload logging wrong direction
      qa: add --simulate-ips option
      stream: improve StreamTcpSegmentForEach for IPS
      pool: fix memory leak
      tls-sni: fix uninitialized memory use
      asan: fix reputation code include
      http: fix multipart body tracking slowdown
      wirefuzz: add -S option for exclusive rule load
      wirefuzz: enforce -n option per run
      wirefuzz: improve logfile cleanup
      wirefuzz: add -N option to count complete passes
      wirefuzz: remove obsolete stream mem check
      wirefuzz: logdir handling improvement
      wirefuzz: exit with error code on more issues
      qa: add leak sanitzer suppression
      counters: fix thread stats delta logging
      eve: fix mishandling of big messages
      travis: set CFLAGS to error on cc warnings
      ssh: fix string handling in unittest
      jansson: include in suricata-common.h
      json-stats: split out json generation
      stats: export StatsToJSON
      unix-socket: restore dump-counters functionality
      stats: fix dump-counters when no loggers are active
      json: make membuffer helper public
      unix-socket: optimize response sends
      jansson: cleanup JSON_ESCAPE_SLASH use
      pcre: blacklist 8.35 for JIT use (issue #1693)
      unix-manager: fix memleak in error case (CID 1353491)
      conf: explicitly ignore retval (CID 1353490)
      multi-tenants: improve error handling (CID 1312702)
      detect-engine: free memory in error conditions (CID 1351210)
      runmode: fix memleak on live modes setup (CID 1197760)
      http: fix NULL deref on certain out of memory conditions
      configure: OS X fixes
      lua: if pkg-config fails, try -llua
      bpf: fix memleak on unusual error (CID 1197757)
      pcre: work around harmless coverity warnings
      flowbits: optimize set and remove
      flowbits: fix memory leak
      flowbits: remove unused debugging code
      json-drop-log: clean up memory at shutdown
      cuda: update build system for modern versions
      cuda: fix compilation
      make install-rules: update URL to https and 3.0
      vlan: fix bad checks in unittests
      detect ports: fix memory leak
      pcre: use pcre_free_study to free the study data
      lua output: clean up memory at shutdown
      magic: make data arg const
      htp: add HTPCalloc wrapper
      http body: use HTPCalloc
      file: constify data/name args
      htp file: constify name/data args
      file: shrink data structure
      spm: constify search args
      http: remove unused param from HtpBodyAppendChunk
      file: fix flags type in API
      gccprotect: fix SECLDFLAGS not getting used
      output-json: constify API
      pfring: small cleanup
      gre: support transparent ethernet bridge decoding
      packet pool: turn bad check into BUG_ON
      packet pool: make sure packet next ptr is always set
      defrag: fix bad packet error handling
      detect: allow for more than 64k mpm rules
      dns: turn debug BUG_ON's into events
      stream: fix stream.inline default
      Add global MAX macro.
      stream-tcp: improve function doc
      smtp: clean up thread local memory
      Fix compilation on systems with Musl
      afpacket: suppress harmless Coverity warning (1192960)
      lua: fix minor coverity issues
      ioctl: fix NULL check after dereference (CID 1204326)
      base64_decode: fix potential keyword parsing issue (CID 1340064)
      lua: fix unlikely null-deref during setup (CID 1351209)
      unified2: fix unused value warning (CID 1247404)
      htp: fix dead code warning (CID 1153933)
      htp: fix boundry error handling (CID 1153934)
      htp: optimize multipart parsing
      coverity: suppress CID 1038112
      daemon: suppress coverity resource leak warning (CID 400725)
      cppcheck: work around snprintf warning
      afpacket: strip prio from vlan id
      pfring: strip prio from vlan id
      smtp: consider file state in file_data inspection limits
      smtp: fix config parsing and config defaults
      file logging: fix bad end of file check
      smtp: add file_data debug code
      file: optionally use detect tracking in pruning
      smtp: use detection file tracking
      stats: fix unix socket crash
      ip parsing: fix cppcheck negative shift warning
      changelog: update for 3.0.1RC1

bladeswords (1):
      Fix typo of trailing ] in configure --help

cardigliano (1):
      pkt acq: introduce break loop API

gureedo (3):
      netmap: remove workers zero copy mode restriction between interfaces
      netmap: fix log typo
      netmap: fix issue 1717

notnyt (1):
      fix nfq_get_timestamp



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