[Oisf-devel] [COMMIT] OISF annotated tag, suricata-3.2RC1, created. suricata-3.2RC1

OISF Git noreply at openinfosecfoundation.org
Tue Nov 1 13:39:50 UTC 2016

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The annotated tag, suricata-3.2RC1 has been created
        at  a2213baba14681e900eb6e4771c0c31010429464 (tag)
   tagging  f9f5e8a348e8c042bf0798aa5a1d1797ff2c04be (commit)
  replaces  suricata-3.2beta1
 tagged by  Victor Julien
        on  Tue Nov 1 14:35:25 2016 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tag 3.2RC1 release
Version: GnuPG v1


Duarte Silva (1):
      file-hashing: Fixed line parsing code

Eric Leblond (4):
      stream-tcp: bypass encrypted when both side ready
      app-layer-tls: stop detection if no reassembly
      source-nfq: fix tunnel mark callback algorithm
      source-nfq: document bypass function

Jason Ish (32):
      docs: include userguide.pdf in dist
      doc: fail on sphinx warnings
      doc: fix sphinx warnings
      doc: break out command line options into a common doc
      doc: manpage: add signals section
      doc: manpage: add bugs and notes section
      doc: exclude docs in partials/ from reference errors
      doc: add missing docs to EXTRA_DIST
      doc: remove userguide.pdf on clean instead of suricata.pdf
      macOS: thread return value affects newer macOS as well
      logging: don't log that json is disabled in each logger
      detect-flow: use new unit test macros
      detect-flow: support flow:not_established
      defrag: set flag on packets reassembled from fragments
      detect-flow: no_frag and only_frag keyword support
      doc: flow: update and add new keywords
      conf: cleanup compiler warning (unintialized vars)
      tcp dns: fix advancement to next request in buffer
      tcp dns: unit test for multi-request buffer
      dns: support back to back requests without a response
      dns: use new unittest macros
      fast-pattern: fix tls_sni
      common: define json_boolean when not defined
      DNP3: dnp3-gen: code generator for repetitive DNP3 code
      DNP3: Application layer decoder.
      DNP3: dnp3_data, dnp3_func, dnp3_ind, dnp3_obj rule keywords
      DNP3: Log DNP3 transactions.
      DNP3: Log DNP3 info with DNP3 alert.
      DNP3: Lua detect support.
      DNP3: --afl-dnp3 entry point
      DNP3: Use directional logging.
      dnp3: fix coverity checks; return value not checked

Nicolas Thill (2):
      lua: add an SCPacketTimestamp function
      doc: add SCPacketTimestamp Lua function

Priit Laes (3):
      readme: Add link to up-to-date user guide and mark wiki as deprecated.
      readme: reformat some key points about possible security issues
      readme: Fix markdown header levels

Thomas ANDREJAK (1):
      prelude: update URL

Thomas Andrejak (6):
      Add macro for TCP and UDP header access
      prelude: Add log when failed to create assessment or impact object
      prelude: Add other actions than just ACTION_DROP when packet drop
      prelude: coding style, it's better to use macro
      prelude: add missing TCP header to additional data
      prelude: add IPv6 support

Victor Julien (72):
      doc: only make sphinx warnings fatal on html/pdf
      doc: add minimal http request/response line sections
      doc: move urilen to other uri keywords
      doc: http sticky vs modifier
      doc: rules-meta small cleanup
      detect: fix scan-build 0-size alloc warnings
      doc: rules-meta typo
      doc: eve update
      doc: add simple install guide
      streaming: improve error handling
      http: fix memory leak in error path
      doc: rewrite rule reload doc
      doc: update libcap-ng doc
      doc: clean up log rotation
      doc: multi-tenancy is not work in progress
      doc: improve install doc, configure
      doc: add rule-management chapter
      doc: move rule reload and adding rules into rule-management
      flow: move file flags into their own variable
      flow: use BIT_U32 for flags
      detect: move file flags update into it's own function
      detect: add util func for post-inspect tasks on first sgh
      detect: during detection sgh is read only so turn into const
      doc: fix header keywords layout
      doc: clean up fast_pattern
      doc: add recent tls keywords
      doc: small eve update: add dns
      file: register filedata loggers before file
      tls: change 'no-reassemble' option to default off
      doc: app-layer tls including no-reassemble
      app-layer: clean up counters registration
      proto detect: TCP cleanup
      proto detect: update behavior on partial detection
      proto detect: remove flow data tracking
      app-layer-protocol: improve detection
      proto-detect: update mismatch handling
      detect-app-layer-protocol: improve error handling
      proto detect: improve error case handling
      proto-detect: clean up UDP handling
      app-layer counters: count failed protocol detect
      logging: return string for ALPROTO_FAILED
      eve: print app_proto_ts/app_proto_tc
      detect-app-layer-protocol: convert to pkt match
      detect-app-layer-protocol: implement prefilter
      detect-app-layer-protocol: improve rule validation
      doc: initial app-layer keywords
      alert: fix rate_filter issues
      doc: add rate_filter
      flow-timeout: don't leak flow reference in error path
      flow-manager: cleanups and comment improvements
      flow-timeout: fix memory errors on flow bypass
      detect: fix multi-tenant loaders
      tls-rules: install on 'make install-full'
      nfq_set_mask: set mark on root pkt for tunnels
      nfq: support bypass for rebuilt fragment packets
      vars: small cleanups
      detect: suppress debug message for reloads
      multi-tenants: fix minor memleak
      multi-tenant: make less verbose
      flowvar: cleanups
      DNP3: don't leak memory on dnp3_obj parsing
      DNP3: minor cleanup
      pkt-var: const name
      hostbits: test fixes
      flowint: allow / in name
      eve: make payload printing in alerts more robust
      detect: add missing break (CID 1374301)
      DNP3: disable in case of no dnp3 config
      ENIP: disable parser if no config found
      ENIP: add default ports to yaml
      yaml: group ICS protocols together
      changelog: update for 3.2RC1 release

fooinha (1):
      eve: check redis reply in non pipeline mode



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