[Oisf-devel] [COMMIT] OISF annotated tag, suricata-3.2.1, created. suricata-3.2.1

OISF Git noreply at openinfosecfoundation.org
Wed Feb 15 11:04:12 UTC 2017

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The annotated tag, suricata-3.2.1 has been created
        at  1bbbc5b99157407a76137810d48f7e5300750295 (tag)
   tagging  e072a10f64cd509d09e0349050b92b02fea4df9c (commit)
  replaces  suricata-3.2
 tagged by  Victor Julien
        on  Wed Feb 15 12:03:22 2017 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tag 3.2.1 release
Version: GnuPG v1


Alexander Gozman (1):
      Bug #2009: added CAP_NET_ADMIN for PCAP and af-packet modes.

Andreas Herz (3):
      decode-icmpv6: add missing types
      configure: prevent combination of unittests and debug-validation
      app-layer-parsing: detect malformed input

Eric Leblond (12):
      smtp: commands and replies are not case sensitive
      util-magic: fix build when magic is not available
      detect-parse: simplify port prefiltering
      util-file: fix error logic in hash computation
      util-file: change file size computation
      output-json-file: use size instead of FileSize
      util-file: introduce new functions for file size
      detect-xbits: set documentation URL
      detect-tls: add url field pointing to doc
      doc: document the tls_sni keyword
      detect-tls-sni: add link to documentation
      af-packet: add VLAN header when needed in IPS mode

Jason Ish (23):
      profiling: fix shadow error
      travis: use a build matrix and add additional builds
      log-pcap: use a snaplen of 262144 instead of -1.
      pcap-log: fix memory leak during initialization of ring buffer
      app-layer: support to server and to client probing parsers
      dns (tcp): register a to_client (response) probing parser
      dns: increment tx id when allocated during response
      dns (tcp) - fix coverity cid 1374307
      dns (tcp) - fix coverity CIDs 1374306, 1374305
      template logger - fix coverity CID 1324964
      proto detect - fix coverity CID 1204325
      travis: add a build with -DNDEBUG
      travis: export CFLAGS on linux
      unix-socket: fix shadowed variable
      tx logging: only update logged tx id if all loggers logged
      app-layer - fix secondary probing parser logic
      app-layer-detect-proto.c: fix indent
      pcap-log: fix pcre_study error check
      templates: require the protocol name to start with a capital
      template script: use bash and require ed
      dns-log: log requests even when there is no response
      afl: set the packet data so pktlen gets set
      defrag - take protocol into account during re-assembly

Mats Klepsland (8):
      tls: don't trigger decoder event on no extensions in CLIENT_HELLO
      tls: increase max number of tls records per packet
      tls: fix tls_cert_subject prefilter bug
      tls-store: fix bug that causes Suricata to crash
      flow: set flag to indicate that a flow has alerts
      lua: add SCFlowHasAlerts function
      output-json-flow: add has_alerts field
      doc: add documentation for Lua SCFlowHasAlerts

Peter Sanders (1):
      doc: initial Napatech documentation

Sascha Steinbiss (3):
      mpm/spm: check for SSSE3 and enable/disable HS
      alert: silence compiler type warning
      mpm-ac: fix integer overflow on allocation

Travis Green (1):
      yaml: update commented rule files

Victor Julien (53):
      unix-socket: don't error out on unix socket failure
      unix-socket: be more specific about problems
      unix-socket: create socket directory if possible
      unix-socket: clean up path handling
      http: allow lower/mixed case in proto detect
      hostbits/xbits: free hostbit
      doc: DNP3 support is now available
      magic: make optional
      xbits: clean up parsing and tests
      doc: initial xbits documentation
      detect: remove dead code
      common: add WARN_UNUSED macro
      redis: use 'binary' notation for output
      redis: support for all output types
      common: improve BUG_ON
      queue: add debug assertions to TAILQ
      ac-bs: fix scan-build warnings
      smb/dcerpc: suppress scan-build warnings
      output: clean up output function
      ssl: suppress scan-build warnings
      address parsing: fix memory leak in error path
      smb: detect protocol in both directions
      smb: add tcp/445 to proto detect fallback
      hyperscan: fix minor coverity issue in error path
      doc: add napatech to userguide
      doc: napatech formatting fixes
      threads: fix missed logging at shutdown
      startup/shutdown: cleanup and unify with unix mode
      shutdown: move global shutdown steps into func
      unittests: clean up registration and startup
      startup: clean up main loop
      shutdown: remove pid file last
      mtu: track max mtu for capture devices
      stream: initialize stream segment pool from mtu
      common: add BIT_U8 macro
      tls: introduce 'cert ready' state
      detect: use TLS_STATE_CERT_READY in cert inspect
      profiling: fix memory leaks
      detect: make tenant loading less verbose
      detect: remove unused flow_locked hint
      afl: with -Wshadow issues
      afl: fix ENIP, switch DNS to UDP and add --afl-dnstcp*
      detect: don't run IP inspection on non-IP packets
      afl: add decoder ipv4 option
      afl: improve packet fuzz testing
      afl: util script to list crashed series
      afl: minimalistic script to start AFL fuzzers
      afl: pass a packet queue to decoder calls
      afl: clean up commandline parsing
      afl: add ethernet and erspan entry points
      dns: fix out of bounds read
      dns: fix outputs with 0-len A/AAAA records
      changelog: update for 3.2.1 release



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