[Oisf-devel] NEW Signature Development Training at SuriCon!

Kelley Misata kmisata at oisf.net
Mon Jul 24 17:59:37 UTC 2017

NEW for SuriCon <https://suricon.net> 2017!

In addition to our standard 2-day Suricata training, we have just added
another 2-day event, *Practical Signature Development for Suricata,* on
November 13 -14, 2017 - just prior to SuriCon <https://suricon.net>! This
training is being led by the newest members of the OISF core team, Jason
<https://oisf.net/core-team/>William <https://oisf.net/core-team/>s and Jack
Mott <https://oisf.net/core-team/>.

*What will you get out of this training? *

In "Signature Development for Suricata" we will teach expert methods and
techniques for writing network signatures to efficiently detect the
greatest threats facing organizations today. Attendees will gain invaluable
information and knowledge including the configuration, usage, architecture,
traffic analysis fundamentals, signature writing, and testing of Suricata
IDS. Attendees will be given handouts to help them develop and read with
IDS signatures. Lab exercises will train attendees how to analyze and
interpret hostile network traffic into agile IDS rules for detecting
threats, including but not limited to: Exploit Kits, Ransomware, Phishing
Attacks, Malicious Documents, Crimeware Backdoors, Targeted Threats, and
more. Attendees will leave the class armed with the knowledge of how to
write quality IDS signatures for their environment, enhancing their
organization’s ability to respond and detect threats. The class has been
updated for the latest Suricata 4.0 IDS features while still retaining
backwards compatibility with older Suricata versions. The class is very
hands-on with a robust workbook featuring exercise
walkthroughs/explanations and a physical copy of the material presented.
The class exercises feature paths for those that are brand new to writing
IDS signatures and signature experts who dream in pcre.

*Day 1*
Network and Malware Analysis Fundamentals
IDS Engine Fundamentals
Rule Writing Fundamentals
Writing Signatures for DNS
Writing Signatures for HTTP

*Day 2*
Advanced Rule Features
Writing Signatures for SSL / TOR
Detecting Phishing Communications
Detecting Ransomware Communications
Detecting Malicious Documents
Detecting Exploit Kit Activity
Detecting Targeted Threats

*Register for SuriCon and get 20% off the price of this training!*

*Space is limited!*

*For details and registration:  https://suricata_events.eventbrite.com

*Kelley Misata, Ph.D.*
*Executive Director*
*kmisata at oisf.net <kmisata at oisf.net>*
*www.oisf.net <http://www.oisf.net>*
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