[Oisf-devel] Best userspace programming API for XDP features query to kernel?

Jesper Dangaard Brouer brouer at redhat.com
Thu Apr 5 21:05:20 UTC 2018

On Thu, 5 Apr 2018 09:47:37 +0200
Victor Julien <lists at inliniac.net> wrote:

> > Option#2: Invent a new 'ip link set xdp' netlink msg with a query option.  
> Do you have an example of how this is queried?

The code for querying should not be too difficult.

It would likely be similar to how we currently "set"/attach an XDP
program, via its BPF file-descriptor to an ifindex.  Eric Leblond,
choose to hide this in the kernel library "libbpf", see code:

 function bpf_set_link_xdp_fd()

Given Suricata already depend on libbpf for eBFP and XDP support, then
it might make sense to add an API call to "get" XDP link info, e.g.
bpf_get_link_xdp_features(int ifindex) ?

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