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Date: вт, 26 февр. 2019 г., 0:19
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To: Andreas Herz <andi at geekosphere.org>

I would like to make a table by a program FlowMeter. It returns a
parameters of the flow. I have already fit models on the same data and i
would like to make snort  create this table in a realtime and make,models
to predict if flow is malisious

вт, 26 февр. 2019 г., 0:16 Andreas Herz <andi at geekosphere.org>:

> On 23/02/19 at 21:08, Илья Чумак wrote:
> > Can you tell me how to write my custom module for your IPS or suggest
> other
> > way to embed machine learning models in Suricata?
> Did you already look into some parts of the code or areas where you
> might want to include that?
> It would make more sense to dig into that if you have a more concrete
> idea where ML might be a good fit.
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> Andreas Herz
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