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On 7/21/10 2:58 PM, Robert Vineyard wrote:
> http://vrt-sourcefire.blogspot.com/2010/06/single-threaded-data-processing.html
> Here's another link (a writeup by Marty Roesch of Sourcefire) referenced
> from the article you mentioned.
> In light of this discussion, does OISF / Suricata have a response to
> Sourcefire's critique of a multi-threaded engine model that uses several
> threads to process the same data simultaneously? It seems to me that the
> most efficient way to do things would be to have a front-end load-balancer
> that could distribute the traffic to multiple back-end threads or processes
> that would each operate on independent data streams. This is the strategy
> employed by Endace and others to accomplish high-throughput IDS inspection.

I'll leave this for Victor and Will to answer in detail, but that's
about where we're going.

Now nobody is saying that 4 cores gives you a 4-fold performance
increase. It's something less than that. But it's our only way forward.
The processors aren't going to get faster.

> On a related note, are there any plans to implement native acceleration
> support for other vendors besides Endace (in particular Napatech / nPulse)?

Yes! As Randy mentioned they're building it now. We'll have news about
this very shortly as far as membership and support!


> Thanks!
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