[Oisf-users] Suricata on OpenBSD

Mikael info at prowling.nu
Thu Jun 17 20:15:28 UTC 2010

Point taken, I do understand the effort that you and the project put
into this.

My issue was more that OpenBSD support would add to installation base as
there are quite a few Snort on OBSD installations out there that would
be nice to migrate ;)

Oh, if anyone can make sense of the last error message or produce
patches to get Suricata working on OBSD I would gladly test them out.

My personal goal was getting Suricata working as an IDS and I think the
PF support from the OBSD side would evolve naturally if you get Suricate
to compile to start with.


On 6/16/10 10:54 PM, Will Metcalf wrote:
>> On Wed, Jun 16, 2010 at 3:41 PM, Mikael <info at prowling.nu> wrote:
>> That would of course be nice to have it officially supported, it seems
>> that "most" security related projects have gone all Ubuntu-ish and
>> forgotten all about OpenBSD, it may be for very good reasons ...
> We support Fedora-(current and previous), CentOS, Ubuntu-LTS(current
> and previous), Ubuntu(current and previous), MacOSX, FreeBSD, and
> Windows(mingw). It's not that we don't want to support other OS's we
> just currently don't have the cycles to add support. If anybody in the
> community is willing, we are accepting patches ;-)...  Anything that
> isn't linux that we have added support for thus far doesn't use
> straight pthreads so it can be a pain to implement .  Anybody know if
> OpenBSD does threading in userland?  Wasn't it this way at one point,
> I can't remember...
> Regards,
> Will

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