[Oisf-users] suricata.yaml

Victor Julien victor at inliniac.net
Thu Oct 7 11:10:49 UTC 2010

mex wrote:
> Hi there,
> did not found much info on that, 
> but is it possible to have includes in
> suricata.yaml?
> i'd like to have the single conf divided
> into different parts, esp. the rules - definitions
> excluded. i do this with snort.conf in the following
> way (inspired by the way debian splits up
> apache-config)
> snort.conf         
>   decoder.conf  
>   preprocessor.conf  
>   rules.conf        
>   threshold.conf
>   output.conf  
>   snort_vars.conf

No, this is not possible with an "include"-like keyword.

You can point to your thresholding config using:
threshold-file: /etc/suricata/threshold.config

To the classification file using:
classification-file: /etc/suricata/classification.config

To rule files using:

 - attack-responses.rules

>From the rule files only rules will be loaded. All other content is ignored.


Victor Julien
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