[Oisf-users] suricata.yaml

mex mail at mare-system.de
Mon Oct 11 14:34:56 UTC 2010

>> Coming to think of it, maybe it should be supported?  Certainly makes it
>> easier for people who like to split their conf file
> Adding an include was on my mental to-do list.  The other thing, which 
> we had discussed sometime back was having an include statement right 
> inside the rule files.  That way suricata.yaml could just reference 
> something like master.rules, and that would then include further 
> rulesets.  I had a need for that at one time, but not anymore.
> Jason

includes at least for the rules.conf would very handy, esp.
if one has to maintain many/different sensors.

i like and rely on the concept of having includes
for finetuning. 

i maintain a cluster of sensors infront of webservers
that have a globally shared threshould/rules.conf and
a localrules/localthresh.conf for sensor-specific
thats easier to maintain in the long term. 

regards, mex

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