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On 08/03/2011 08:50 AM, Gene Albin wrote:
> So I just installed Suricata on one of our research computers with
> lots of cores available.  I'm looking to see what kind of performance
> boost I get as I bump up the CPU's. After my first run I was surprised
> to see that I didn't get much of a boost when going from 8 to 32
> CPUs.  I was running a 6GB pcap file with a about 17k rules loaded. 
> The first run on 8 cores took 190sec.  The second run on 32 cores took
> 170 sec.  Looks like something other than CPU is the bottle neck. 
> My first guess is Disk IO.  Any recommendations on how I could
> check/verify that guess?
> Gene
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* forgot to reply to the list previously

Hey Gene.

Can you test by increasing the max-pending-packets in the suricata.yaml
file to a higher value.  You can try one run with a value of 500 and
then try higher values(2000+ suggested.  More the better, as long as you
don't hit swap).

Once you have set a higher max-pending-packets you can try running
suricata in autofp runmode.  autofp mode runs suricata in flow-pinned
mode.  To do this add this option to your suricata command line
"--runmode=autofp.  "

sudo suricata -c ./suricata.yaml -r your_pcap.pcap --runmode=autofp

With max-pending-packets set to a higher value and with
--runmode=autofp, you can test how suricata scales from 4 to 32 cores.

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