[Oisf-users] segfault - smtp parser - suricata 1.1

Christophe Vandeplas christophe at vandeplas.com
Fri Dec 2 21:10:28 UTC 2011


I installed/compiled suricata v1.1 yesterday and had 2 segfaults over
a very short time.

The segfaults I had were: (from dmesg)
[143691.171972] Decode & Stream[26656]: segfault at b6b17000 ip
b760b7aa sp b6b13e48 error 4 in libc-2.13.so[b74f6000+15a000]
[177583.326790] Decode & Stream[517]: segfault at b6c2a002 ip b771e7aa
sp b6c26e48 error 4 in libc-2.13.so[b7609000+15a000]

So the third time I ran suricata I did it in a debugger and it crashed
again a few hours later.
Here is the backtrace:
Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
[Switching to Thread 0xb73c1b70 (LWP 27915)]
0xb7eb67ae in ?? () from /lib/i386-linux-gnu/libc.so.6
(gdb) backtrace
#0  0xb7eb67ae in ?? () from /lib/i386-linux-gnu/libc.so.6
#1  0x081713bb in SMTPGetLine (state=0x9ea81a40) at
#2  0x081763e8 in SMTPParse (f=0xa98544d0, alstate=0x9ea81a40,
input_len=2920, output=0xb73bf734) at app-layer-smtp.c:559
#3  SMTPParseClientRecord (f=0xa98544d0, alstate=0x9ea81a40, pstate=0xa5c5df88,
input_len=2920, output=0xb73bf734) at app-layer-smtp.c:581
#4  0x0815c66e in AppLayerDoParse (f=0xa98544d0,
app_layer_state=0x9ea81a40, parser_state=0xa5c5df88,
input_len=2920, parser_idx=16, proto=3) at app-layer-parser.c:695
#5  0x0815f579 in AppLayerParse (f=0xa98544d0, proto=3 '\003', flags=4 '\004',
input_len=2920) at app-layer-parser.c:908
#6  0x0814bbf3 in StreamTcpReassembleAppLayer (ra_ctx=0xb6201f08,
ssn=0xaf458638, stream=0xaf458678, p=<value optimized out>) at
#7  0x0814c551 in StreamTcpReassembleHandleSegmentUpdateACK
(ra_ctx=0xb6201f08, ssn=0xaf458638, stream=0xaf458678, p=0x8b02e58) at
#8  0x0814e0d5 in StreamTcpReassembleHandleSegment (tv=0xb399888,
ra_ctx=0xb6201f08, ssn=0xaf458638, stream=0xaf45863c, p=0x8b02e58,
pq=0xb62019a0) at stream-tcp-reassemble.c:3504
#9  0x08147c36 in HandleEstablishedPacketToClient (tv=0xb399888,
p=<value optimized out>, stt=0xb6201998, pq=0xb2d8d50) at
#10 StreamTcpPacketStateEstablished (tv=0xb399888, p=<value optimized
out>, stt=0xb6201998, pq=0xb2d8d50) at stream-tcp.c:1980
#11 StreamTcpPacket (tv=0xb399888, p=<value optimized out>,
stt=0xb6201998, pq=0xb2d8d50) at stream-tcp.c:3560
#12 0x08149691 in StreamTcp (tv=0xb399888, p=0x8b02e58,
data=0xb6201998, pq=0xb2d8d50, postpq=0x0) at stream-tcp.c:3765
#13 0x0812d444 in TmThreadsSlotVarRun (tv=0xb399888, p=0x8b02e58,
slot=0xd14dda0) at tm-threads.c:458
#14 0x0812f8c7 in TmThreadsSlotVar (td=0xb399888) at tm-threads.c:655
#15 0xb7f64e99 in start_thread () from /lib/i386-linux-gnu/libpthread.so.0
#16 0xb7e7173e in clone () from /lib/i386-linux-gnu/libc.so.6
(gdb) i r
eax            0xb73c1fef       -1220796433
ecx            0xffffe06c       -8084
edx            0x98e3d5c0       -1729899072
ebx            0xb7efdff4       -1209016332
esp            0xb73bee48       0xb73bee48
ebp            0xb73bf6a8       0xb73bf6a8
esi            0xb73c00dc       -1220804388
edi            0x4c     76
eip            0xb7eb67ae       0xb7eb67ae
eflags         0x10286  [ PF SF IF RF ]
cs             0x73     115
ss             0x7b     123
ds             0x7b     123
es             0x7b     123
fs             0x0      0
gs             0x33     51

It looks like the SMTP parser is crashing, but as I'm not really that
good with gdb I don't know what else I should do to pinpoint the
Unfortunately I can't take network captures as I'm working with data
from a production environment.(privacy and confidentiality) (and it
takes a few hours to crash)
Bandwidth was around 10-20 Mbit/s, sniffing a mirror port with
multiple (tagged) VLANs

Could you tell me what I should do (in gdb) to help us understand the
origin of the problem ?

In the meantime I'll keep gdb open with the crashed instance of suricata.
And will try disabling some rules to check if that might be the origin
of the segfault.


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