[Oisf-users] Suricata on 8 cores, ~70K packets/sec

Chris Wakelin c.d.wakelin at reading.ac.uk
Tue Feb 15 17:24:58 UTC 2011

On 15/02/11 17:12, rmkml wrote:
> Thx for feedback Chris,
> Do you have tested with last suricata v1.1 beta version please? or
> better with last git version?

Yeah, I should have said, they're (almost) the latest git version (rev
cec7ece on the student one, 91213d5, on the campus one). I'll update the
student one to be consistent.

> Only for testing, maybe compile suricata with --enable-profiling option
> please?

I'll have a look at that.

> What is your signatures set? maybe test without signatures set please?

plus a couple of p2p rules and some local rules to match e-mail account
phishing forms.

> can you test with more max-pending-packets like 5000 or more?

I'll try!

> Regards
> Rmkml

On 15/02/11 17:09, Eric Leblond wrote:
> You may have a look at this post on my blog:
> 	http://home.regit.org/?p=438
> A git version of suricata is required for the fine tuning described in
> the page but you can also play with the threads multiplicator. On a eight
> core, you could try something lower like 0.25.
> BR,

That looks very interesting! I'll try 0.25. They're two quad-core
processors, without hyperthreading.

Best Wishes,

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