[Oisf-users] Drop rate

David Rodrigues david.network.security at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 15:13:02 UTC 2011

Hi all,

First, I would like to wish a happy new year to all.

I'm having some doubts about snort statistics. I'm testing Suricata in a
very high speed network and I would like to have statistics about
performance (e.g.: drop rate).

The drop rate I'm using is the one printed when Suricata exists. But this is
the Pcap statistics:
[10424] 5/1/2011 -- 15:21:14 - (source-pcap.c:429) <Info>
(ReceivePcapThreadExitStats) -- (ReceivePcap) Packets 24902042, bytes
[10424] 5/1/2011 -- 15:21:14 - (source-pcap.c:437) <Info>
(ReceivePcapThreadExitStats) -- (ReceivePcap) Pcap Total:117734236
Recv:71318162 Drop:46416074 (39.4%).

Does it means that it only regards Pcap? For instance, if I have a 39 drop
rate does it means that Suricata analyzed 61% of the traffic? Or does it
means that Pcap captured 61% of the packet and Suricata can still drop more?

Anther question is: can I have drop statistics without shutting down

Thanks a lot,

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