[Oisf-users] Error occured in parsing "http" app layer protocol

Sander Klein roedie at roedie.nl
Fri Jul 22 11:52:18 UTC 2011

On Fri, 22 Jul 2011 13:36:49 +0200, Victor Julien wrote:
>> It keeps spitting out these messages and it seems that it's not 
>> really
>> inspecting my http streams.
>> My environment is a load balanced webserver cluster with Direct 
>> Server
>> Return doing about 30Mbit/s of http traffic. But even when testing 
>> with
>> 5Mbit/s of traffic I get these messages.
>> Any ideas why this could happen? I'm pretty new to this so I'm not 
>> sure
>> which info is needed.
> Hi Sander, are you able to (privately) share a pcap?

Sure, how long or how big do you want the pcap to be? Any specials 
setting you want me to use?



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