[Oisf-users] Suricata memory leakage?

Fernando Ortiz fernando.ortiz.f at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 20:35:18 UTC 2011

Has anyone had problem with suricata regarding memory leakage? I am running
Suricata version 1.1beta2 (rev e5cc68a) in an Arch Linux kernel 2.6.32-lts.
This happens only when I have Suricata running, so it looks like a Suricata
issue but I can't say for sure. I have not tested keep the server running
without Suricata for a very long period. Is there any way I can catch te
source of the problem?

This is a graph that shows the memory increasing, and what happens when I
restart Suricata http://puu.sh/3zVf.

This is a "top" capture of the server in the last point of the graph.
(Suricata is down) http://puu.sh/3zVS

This is a capture of minutes ago after I restarted the server

As you can see in the fist graph, everything was find for a week and then
memory usage started to increase in the next days.

In what OS do you recommend to run Suricata?
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