[Oisf-users] Very interesting Suricata Performance Study

Gene Albin gene.albin at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 19:38:01 UTC 2011

  Thanks for all of your help with my research.  I couldn't have finished it
without your help, and the advice and support from the OISF community.
Thanks to you all.


P.S. -  That machine is a beast!  Very fortunate to have a chance to work on

On Sep 23, 2011 7:57 AM, "Matthew Jonkman" <jonkman at emergingthreatspro.com>
> http://faculty.nps.edu/ncrowe/oldstudents/ealbin_thesis_final.htm
> A great study by Gene Albin from the Naval Postgrad school. Extremely well
done Gene! Thank you
> Well worth a read, but a few interesting extracts:
> In experiment two:
> "The NPS High Performance Computing Center operates a Sun Microsystems
6048 "blade" system with 144 blades and 1152 CPU cores (Haferman, 2011). For
our experiment we used one compute node composed of 48 AMD Opteron 6174
12-core processors with 125GB of RAM available"
> Holey Christ man! I'm way beyond jealous!
> Matt
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