[Oisf-users] Make process fails after successful configure --enable-dag.

Marcos Rodriguez marcos.e.rodriguez at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 19:05:02 UTC 2012

> > I'm getting the same thing on Fedora 16 with the dag stuff installed
> > in /usr/local..  Narrowed it down to the configure script.  Will fix
> > it sometime today I think.
> Attached is a patch against the current master to fix this issue.  It
> should be simple enough to apply by hand as well.
> -- Jason
Hi Guys,

Victor, thanks for indulging me!  :o)

Jason, thanks for the patch! It worked for me and all I had to do
afterwards was copy libdag.so.4 over to /usr/lib64.

Suricata 1.3dev (rev 61d5fe3)
USAGE: ./bin/suricata


--dag <dagX:Y>               : process ERF records from DAG interface X,
stream Y

Yaaay, I got my dag back!

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