[Oisf-users] Make process fails after successful configure --enable-dag.

Marcos Rodriguez marcos.e.rodriguez at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 14:56:20 UTC 2012

> >> Hi Guys,
> >>
> >> Victor, thanks for indulging me!  :o)
> >>
> >> Jason, thanks for the patch! It worked for me and all I had to do
> >> afterwards was copy libdag.so.4 over to /usr/lib64.
> >
> > This copy part should not be necessary I think. Won't it work otherwise?
> No, it shouldn't be and it wasn't for me.  I did however run "ldconfig
> /usr/local/lib" after installing libdag - more out of habit than
> anything.
> Hi Guys,

Yeah, I always forget to include the path after ldconfig.  PEBKAC issue,
all the way.  Thanks again!

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