[Oisf-users] interface won't enter promiscuous mode when run suricata with --pfring

Eric Leblond eric at regit.org
Thu Aug 9 08:31:51 UTC 2012


Le jeudi 09 août 2012 à 16:00 +0800, Delta Yeh a écrit :
> I check it again, both driver and userland library of pfring are v5.2.1,

Good! I prefer to check stupid things first...

5.2.1 is using the old pfring_open()

> In pfring.h, I see
>    /* ********************************* */
>   pfring* pfring_open(char *device_name, u_int8_t promisc,
>                       u_int32_t caplen, u_int8_t reentrant);
> while in source-pfring.c, I see

Can you check HAVE_PFRING_OPEN_NEW is undef in config.h, you should have
at root directory of suricata source in config.h:

/* For post 5.4.0 version of pfring_open */

It should be the case as it builds...

>     ptv->pd = pfring_open(ptv->interface, LIBPFRING_PROMISC,
> (uint32_t)default_packet_size, LIBPFRING_REENTRANT);

This part should apply not the first one. As you can see, suricata is
putting the promisc option at the good place.

Are you using a non little endian architecture (non x86 mainly) here ?

Anyway, this looks like an issue in PF_RING. Is it possible for you to
upgrade ?

Eric Leblond 
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