[Oisf-users] Config options discrepancies between suricata.yaml and ConfNodeLookupChildValue() in the source.

Nikolay Denev ndenev at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 14:16:32 UTC 2012


I've noticed that there are some discrepancies regarding the config options that are in the default suricata.yaml file, that
I guess most people use as a starting point to modify for their needs. For example I've tried to set the pcap logging to use only 10 files and rotate them,
and I noticed that this didn't work. I've found that the source uses "ConfNodeLookupChildValue(conf, "max-files");" to get the number of files, but suricata.yaml
has "max_files", so this option is not parsed.
I see other similar mixups of dashes and underscores like : 

/usr/local/etc/suricata/suricata.yaml:      use_stream_depth: no #If set to "yes" packets seen after reaching stream inspection depth are ignored. "no" logs all packets
./log-pcap.c:        use_stream_depth = ConfNodeLookupChildValue(conf, "use-stream-depth");

./log-pcap.c:            s_dir = ConfNodeLookupChildValue(conf, "sguil-base-dir");
./log-pcap.c:                s_dir = ConfNodeLookupChildValue(conf, "sguil_base_dir");

ts-format and ts_format…

I can try to prepare a patch for these when I have free time, if it's clear what should be the convention: underscore or dash.

P.S. running suricata-1.2.1 release

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