[Oisf-users] Changing the format of fast.log file

Abhishek Sharma abhisheksharma84 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 30 06:37:52 UTC 2012


I was wondering if there is a way (by means of config changes) to change
the format of the fast.log file. For instance what if I just want to output
the keyword ad the IP details -

something like -

MYKEYWORD [**]  {TCP} ->

instead of the current -

06/29/2012-17:58:42.950346  [**] [1:90015:0] MYKEYWORD [**]
[Classification: (null)] [Priority: 5] {TCP} nnn.rrr.ttt.yyy:port ->

Can this be done. I just want to play around with the format because I have
a log file parser that would be better off with this format? I know I can
do this "externally", say by writing a shell script, but can I do it via
Suricata itself?

Any ideas?

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