[Oisf-users] where are my missing packets ?

Travel Factory S.r.l. mc8647 at mclink.it
Thu Mar 1 14:33:22 UTC 2012

Today I installed PF_RING and noticed strange cpu usage.
 From time to time only ONE cpu goes 100% and the others stay at 0 and 
suricata stops working...

probably it is not correctly setup...

./pfcount -i eth4
reports a traffic of about 0,2 gigabit

but suricata doesn't log anything...

suricata is version 1.2.1 and PF_RING is git...

suricata -c /etc/suricata/suricata.yaml --pfring-int=eth4 
--pfring-cluster-id=99 --pfring-cluster-type=cluster_flow

(RxPFR1) Using PF_RING v.5.3.1, interface eth4, single-pfring-thread

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