[Oisf-users] PF_RING with transparent_mode=1 only RX packets

tingwei liu tingw.liu at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 06:33:51 UTC 2012


     I install suricata with pfring. Everything is OK  if I insmod
PF_RING with transparent_mode=0.

    But I only can capture RX packets with insmod PF_RING
transparent_mode=1, no TX packets. Why?
cat /proc/net/pf_ring/info
PF_RING Version     : 5.3.0 ($Revision: exported$)
Ring slots          : 4096
Slot version        : 13
Capture TX          : Yes [RX+TX]
IP Defragment       : No
Socket Mode         : Standard
Transparent mode    : Yes (mode 1)
Total rings         : 0
Total plugins       : 0


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