[Oisf-users] IPS mode drop Problem on suri 1.4.5R

Stefan Sabolowitsch Stefan.Sabolowitsch at felten-group.com
Thu Aug 22 08:49:52 UTC 2013

Hi all,
I have here…
Executing: suricata --user sguil --group sguil -c /etc/nsm/Wecker-intern/suricata.yaml -q 1 -l /nsm/sensor_data/Wecker-intern
22/8/2013 -- 06:00:26 - <Info> - This is Suricata version 1.4.5 RELEASE
22/8/2013 -- 06:00:26 - <Info> - CPUs/cores online: 4
22/8/2013 -- 06:00:26 - <Info> - Enabling fail-open on queue
22/8/2013 -- 06:00:26 - <Info> - NFQ running in standard ACCEPT/DROP mode

Have a problem with a rule, i don't understand here.
Although this rule on alert marks, drop suricata the data stream.
If i disable the rule, the data are forwarded (not drop) .

Why ?
Any idea?


alert http $HOME_NET any -> $EXTERNAL_NET any (msg:"ET POLICY Vulnerable Java Version 1.6.x Detected"; flow:established,to_server; content:"Java/1.6.0_"; ht
tp_user_agent; content:!"51"; within:2; http_user_agent; flowbits:set,ET.http.javaclient.vulnerable; threshold: type limit, count 2, seconds 300, track by_s
rc; reference:url,javatester.org/version.html; classtype:bad-unknown; sid:2011582; rev:31;)

08/22/2013-08:36:38.770429  [**] [1:2011582:31] ET POLICY Vulnerable Java Version 1.6.x Detected [**] [Classification: Potentially Bad Traffic] [Priority: 2
] {TCP} ->

08/22/2013-08:36:38.770429: IN= OUT= SRC= DST= LEN=221 TOS=0x00 TTL=128 ID=18727 PROTO=TCP SPT=4803 DPT=80 SEQ=2569271462 ACK=1691
480634 WINDOW=64240 ACK PSH RES=0x00 URGP=0

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