[Oisf-users] URL reputation?

Markus Manzke mail at mare-system.de
Wed Jan 30 21:13:14 UTC 2013

samehost like this?


Rich Rumble <richrumble at gmail.com> schrieb:

>On Wed, Jan 30, 2013 at 10:33 AM, Matt Jonkman <jonkman at jonkmans.com> wrote:
>> Ya, I've had that on my mind for a while, but I think the scale issues are
>> core.
>> We have IP rep now, and shortly DNS rep that can be applied. I think a good
>> number of url's can be knocked down with good domain rep.
>> But I also think this is worth exploring. I wonder if there are any
>> algorithms out there that could take a list of 200k url's and boil them down
>> to a set of core prequalifying strings minus the domains?
>> Or masking parameter values that vary in some automated way to get the least
>> number of matches required?
>I've done some of this as an experiment for myself, and trying to
>integrate checking against the Google Safe Browsing API as well as
>using "onSameHost" functions:
>http://www.bing.com/search?q=ip%3A90.156.241.4   (000007.ru)
>The "Same Host" function I use as extra meta data, just keeping a
>record, it hasn't proven to be as effective as GSB-Api has. I need to
>spend some more time with it, but if anyone needed or wanted to know
>how to do "onsamehost", use *shudder* bing to do it. Unless Google has
>added the IP: qualifier, and last I checked they hadn't.
>(I can't believe "reply" doesn't reply to all on this list, I forget
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