[Oisf-users] SIGHUP handler?

Darren Spruell phatbuckett at gmail.com
Fri Jul 19 06:33:18 UTC 2013


Suricata 1.4.1 RELEASE
OpenBSD 5.3 i386

Picked up on live rule reloads with USR2 signal. Wondered if Suricata
currently supports any kind of restart/reload behavior with HUP? If I'm not
mistaken, sending SIGHUP on my system causes daemon to exit silently (no
output to logs, process goes away).

I'm chewing on handling of reload action in OpenBSD's rc.d(8) daemon
control scripts. The system assumes that daemons either handle a reload
action when they receive a SIGHUP (i.e. reload config) or have the reload
action disabled if SIGHUP is not used for reload (i.e. daemon_reload=NO).
Would handling HUP to reload config and ruleset be sensible in Suricata as
with some other programs?

Also, is it the case that suricata doesn't currently currently ship with
manual pages?

Darren Spruell
phatbuckett at gmail.com
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