[Oisf-users] JSON / Unix Domain Socket

Dan Murphy dmurphy at defense.net
Tue Mar 12 17:43:30 UTC 2013

A couple questions on these.

1.)  Why was a unix domain socket chosen instead of just binding to a port
on the host which would  potentially allow me to programmatically interact
with many suricata instances / nodes from a central location.  It would be
useful to be able to set a TCP port that suricata could bind to.

2.)  Has anyone requested or discussed extending the current functionality
to having the ability to inject signatures and load them via the JSON /
socket interface?

Also worth noting...  in 1.4 it seems the configure script ( maybe just the
help? ) needs to be updated to be able to ./configure --enable-unixsocket
or something similar.  I had to manually enable it in the configure.ac to
build it.

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