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Btw you mail server still rejects my emails, very annoying to get an
error each time I mail you:

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On 05/14/2013 04:02 PM, Victor Julien wrote:
> On 05/14/2013 02:52 PM, Leonard Jacobs wrote:
>> According to references on the web, SonicWALL Adventail SSL VPN uses non-RFC compliant SSL VPN by using SOCKS over HTTPS.  The references refer to problems similar to what we experience with af-packet IPS mode where packets are getting dropped (not due to IPS but just flow stops).  When doing a packet capture, we see a lot of TCP Retransmissions.   According to references, turning off statefull inspection for 443 on firewall solves the problem but Suricata is not a firewall so there is no stateful  inspection.
>> I am suggesting to the firewall folks that they need to turn off stateful inspection for this SSL VPN traffic because the SSL VPN device is in a DMZ on their firewall.   They are checking with firewall vendor.
> Suricata's inspection is definitely stateful.
>> IDS mode with Suricata works fine.
>> We have tried decreasing the TCP flow timeouts but that does not solve the problem.  We have considered using an alternative IPS to Suricata as a test to see if the problem goes away.
> I would suggest /increasing/ the time outs, not decreasing.
>> Do you have any ideas or suggestions?
> To me it sounds like your SSL product is broken, so I'd push them for a
> fix. If their answer is to disable stateful inspection, you know they
> have problems for sure.
> Cheers,
> Victor
>> Thanks.
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>> On 05/13/2013 08:47 PM, Leonard Jacobs wrote:
>>> Would Suricata and af-packet in IPS mode have difficulty processing 
>>> network traffic using combined protocols such as SOCKS over HTTPS?
>> It shouldn't have. Are you seeing problems?
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