[Oisf-users] What does it means??

Peter Manev petermanev at gmail.com
Wed Oct 9 14:05:44 UTC 2013

>>>>>> Do you have TCP checksums enabled in yaml?
>>>>> Nop, as you suggested some time ago :).
>>>> aha :)
>>>> So (if I remember correctly) - some time ago we managed to fix this
>>>> issue with the drops. So what happened in between :) ?
>>> This is a different host monitoring different network, and with
>>> different problems :)) ... Previous installation goes well after some
>>> tunning in SPAN port configuration .... But I use this previous
>>> suricata.yaml config as base for this installation ...
>> And does this installation need  some tuning in SPAN port
>> configuration a well ? or you are past that stage?
> No, it doesn't. In this installation I use an OpenBSD host to redirect
> all traffic to this suricata sensor ..

Have you checked the OpenBSD host port/nic that redirect(mirrors?) the
traffic for potential problems/drops and such?

Peter Manev

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