[Oisf-users] Suricata, 10k rules, 10Gbit/sec and lots of RAM

Peter Manev petermanev at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 10:24:01 UTC 2014

On Wed, Nov 5, 2014 at 10:28 AM, Victor Julien <lists at inliniac.net> wrote:
> On 11/05/2014 08:11 AM, Peter Manev wrote:
>>> I'm kind of concerned that rules cannot fit in the memory with
>>> > sgh-mpm-context set to full and the settings presented. Should I be?
>>> > :)
>> There is a bug at the moment when using full with over 10k rules - it just ends up eating all the memory.
> What bug is this?

Tightly related to -

Peter Manev

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