[Oisf-users] SELKS 1.0 is available

Eric Leblond eric at regit.org
Thu Oct 16 13:17:04 UTC 2014


Stamus Networks is proud to announce the availability of SELKS 1.0
stable release. SELKS is both Live and installable Network Security
Management ISO based on Debian implementing and focusing on a complete
and ready to use Suricata IDS/IPS ecosystem with its own graphic rule

The name comes from its major components: Suricata Elasticsearch
Logstash Kibana Scirius. After starting or installing SELKS, you get a
running Suricata with IDPS within a NSM platform, Kibana to analyse
alerts and events and Scirius to configure the Suricata ruleset.

      * Announce:
      * Download page:

Best regards,
Eric Leblond <eric at regit.org>
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