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Jones, Jason jasonjones at arbor.net
Mon Oct 27 17:58:56 UTC 2014

If you want to do full automated scripting you should use the suricatasc
module that should get installed with suricata

    import suricatasc
    sc = suricatasc.SuricataSC(<socket file>)
    sc.send_command("pcap-file file_name.pcap test/")

Some documentation exists on the wik about the commands that you can pass
to send_command:


On Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 1:51 PM, Versnel Diemen <versneldiemen at gmail.com>

> Hallo there,
> I'm currently writing a Python program which will send cmd to Suricatasc
> via the Unix Socket but i cannot get it working and also cannot find any
> good resource that can explain it to me.
> Plz Help me.
> This is the code that i have at the moment:
> def RunPcap():
>>         soc = "/var/run/suricata/suricata-command.socket"
>>         s = socket.socket(socket.AF_UNIX)
>>         s.connect(soc)
>>         s.send("pcap-file file_name.pcap test/")
>>         s.close
>> RunPcap()
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