[Oisf-users] Low End Hardware

Peter Fyon peter.fyon at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 11:27:03 UTC 2015

Hey everyone,

I'm looking to upgrade my snort setup at home to suricata. At the same
time, I'm planning on upgrading hardware.

Unfortunately, the only benchmarks I can find are from back in 2011 or for
setups handling substantially more traffic than I need (10gbit).

I was hoping some of you could give me examples of the hardware you're
using, number of signatures, and the throughput you see.

My current box is an old netbook with a first gen atom cpu. With snort +
nfqueue and 20000 signatures, it starts dropping packets around 25 mbit and
multiple sessions. My ideal box would be able to handle ~700-1000mbit, with
fewer signatures.

On the note of hardware, is it better to focus on more cores or higher cpu

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