[Oisf-users] Test live rule-reload with 3.0RC2

Andreas Herz andi at geekosphere.org
Sun Dec 13 20:20:45 UTC 2015


when testing 3.0RC2 i tried the live rule reload feature again (sending
-USR2 to suricata) and looks like the memory consumption bug is back.

What i would like is that some are trying this on their systems.


1. Run suricata 3.0RC2 (unless you disabled it in the yaml, live rule
reload should be enabled by default), in my case i used a simple
monitor mode bound to one interface

2. Send USR2 signals for some time:

while true; do kill -s USR2 $SURICATAPID; sleep 60; done

3. Watch the memory consumption of suricata (top, htop or similiar)

If you see increasing the used memory, i got to 4 times the memory after
~100 reloads, please share with us some infos:

OS used, hardware, suricata --build-info and which mode you used.

I had this issue with CentOS7, Debian and ArchLinux


Andreas Herz

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