[Oisf-users] Suricata on a tiny computer Atom D525

David Touzeau david at articatech.com
Tue Dec 15 15:09:10 UTC 2015

basically the Internet bandwidth should be less than 10MB and networks 
not up to 100MB
runmode will be pfring with emergingthreats

Le 15/12/2015 15:37, Andreas Herz a écrit :
> On 15/12/15 at 15:32, David Touzeau wrote:
>> Dear
>> I would like to implement Suricata on this machine:
>> http://www.acrosser.com/Products/Networking-Appliance/MicroBox/AND-D525N2/Intel-Atom-D525---AND-D525N2.html
>> This is an intel *Intel D525 1.8GHz with 2GB memory.  What is the best
>> settings in order to not overload the machine with suricata ?
> Well the question is what do you want to achieve.
> Depending on the amount of traffic, rulest and the runmode you want to
> use it's totally fine to use such hardware.
> With more details it's also easiere to tell which settings you could
> optimize.

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