[Oisf-users] Disable rule based on content

Rodgers, Anthony (DTMB) RodgersA1 at michigan.gov
Tue Feb 10 12:59:58 UTC 2015

<insert mandatory evil bit joke here>

Seriously, though, the best way is to provide EmergingThreats with a sanitized pcap of the legitimate traffic so we/they can improve the signature, or take it out the back and shoot it.

Alternatively, you can suppress alerts for this rule for certain IP addresses if your legitimate traffic is confined to them.

Anthony Rodgers
Security Analyst
Michigan Security Operations Center (MiSOC)

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Hi all,

 I have a problem with the rule 2018456 (ET TROJAN ELF/Mayhem Checkin). It is triggered with legitimate content.

 How can I disable this rule only when content is legitimate?

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